High Speed Overhead Doors

Combining polycarbonate overhead sectional doors with SafeDrive operators provide faster speeds, dependable performance and reduced maintenance. 



Offering superior products in Toronto Ontario, the management team wanted to ensure their newly constructed building was not susceptible to the high maintenance requirements so they could instead focus on the customer. Ensuring customers are not inconvenienced is one of their top priorities.


Northern Dock Systems was able to install a cost-effective solution that allowed for high-speed overhead door package while reducing service calls and regular maintenance visits. Installing four Polycarbonate Overhead Sectional Doors coupled with springless high-speed door operators offered an efficient and light weight solution with an opening time of 6 seconds.

Built from the ground up using pusher springs, 3-inch nylon rollers and heavy duty non-rotating cables, a sensitive safety edge, photo eyes and an automatic sequence lights , this complete full bay system hit all cylinders for performance, safety and energy savings.

With the Northern Dock Systems high-speed performance door system, Thorncrest Ford’s new building is now able to focus on what comes through the doors , instead of how they open.

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