Air Barriers

Retail Air Barriers

Help prevent wasted energy in retail and high foot traffic locations by sealing doorways up to 7 foot tall by 90%. Provides annual energy savings by preventing heat/AC loss through doorway. Retail Air Barriers create and efficient 90% seal along the entire doorway. Helps maintain inside temperatures, regardless of outdoor conditions. Most effective way to […]

Commercial Air Barriers

An Enershield Air Barrier enhances your building efficiency, lowers operating costs and reduces wear on your heating and cooling systems.

Industrial Air Barriers

Get up to $4,000 in energy rebates in Ontario Create a barrier between the interior and exterior of your building with Industrial Air Barriers. Creates a 90% seal on doorways up to 45FT tall Ideal for locations with large machinery, aircraft or equipment that needs to move between areas during the day. Industrial Air Barriers […]