Fire Door Drop Test

fire-decalEnsure your employees are protected and building is prepared in case of a fire emergency. Northern Dock Systems offers a comprehensive fire door drop test and inspection to ensure your building will be protected in case the fire alarm is activated.

Call your local sales representative or our head office at 1.866.601.1758 to learn more and schedule a fire door drop test.

Annual inspections are required by law and help ensure you are prepared for an emergency.

Fire Door Drop Test Inspection

  • Inspect fire doors for damage to guides, curtain and end-locks, bottom bar, hood and operating mechanism.
  • Rolling Door Maintenance – lubricate and make minor adjustments as necessary
  • Ensure that the door’s operating mechanisms; fuse links and release chain/cable are not painted, coated with dust or grease, and/or covered with debris.
  • Open and close the door to inspect for any indications of damaged parts.

 A Fire Door Drop Test Includes

  • Have a trained door systems technician perform an inspection and drop test of all fire door automatic closing features.
  • Fire door deficiencies identified during the pre-drop test inspection should be corrected before the drop test.
  • Document the drop test recorded on a DASMA Drop Test Form.
  • When subjected to drop testing, the door must close completely and rest on the sill. NFPA 80 states that the average closing speed must not exceed 24 inches per second and must be at least 6 inches per second.
  • The door must be drop tested twice – once to verify proper operation and full closure, and a second time to verify that the automatic closing device was properly reset.

We recommend you conduct annual inspections to ensure the safety of your staff while documenting equipment performance on a DASMA Drop Test Form.

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