AutoStand Plus

AutoStand Plus


Supporting trailers up to 100,000 pounds to prevent trailer up-ending

AutoStand Plus is the perfect solution for heavyweight and high-traffic docks. Placed under a trailer, AutoStand Plus features a gas shock, self-levelling lever-based adjustment system to support up to 100,000 pounds.

Extensive load capacity: AutoStand Plus is able to lift trailer loads of up to 100,000 pounds.

Easy operation: It only takes a few seconds to properly set AutoStand Plus in place.

Increased safety: Prevent trailer up-ending, landing gear collapse and damage to personnel or products.


Prevent trailer upending or landing gear collapse

Trailer stability is affected by a complex relationship involving: a number of axles, trailer weight, landing gear placement, weight and placement of cargo, weight and position of forklift, and more.

Transport trailers present a critical safety risk due to the weight of cargo and forklifts. When the cab disengages from the trailer, there are two potential risks this creates unless a secondary support system is utilized.
Potential risk #1: The trailer’s landing gear collapses.
Potential risk #2: The trailer begins to upend (tip over).

Simply taking a few seconds to place the AutoStand Plus under the trailer’s front end adds extra strength and support to prevent mishap and potentially serious damage or injury to both personnel and products.

AutoStand Plus prevents trailer tipping

Examples of landing gear collapse and trailer upending

Potential hazards of a trailer without a secondary support system


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• 1 year limited.


Capacity 100,000 lbs
Weight distributing base 17" x 18.5"
Reinforced contact pad 5" x 30" x 0.25"
Tires 16" diameter solid rubber
Additional features Gas shock self-levelling system with lever locking mechanism


AutoStand Plus supporting a free-fall trailer

Witness how AutoStand Plus is able to support a free-fall trailer from collapsing.

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