AccuTrak asset management

About AccuTrak asset management

AccuTrak asset management tracks maintenance spend to better understand your business needs so we can make fact-based recommendations to lower long-term service spend, minimize return calls and prevent foreseeable issues.


Asset management for equipment service and maintenance


1. Align with your company’s KPIs
(Needs Assessment)

Work together to discover and align our solutions to your company’s biggest service needs including auditor compliance, lowering maintenance spend, increasing energy efficiency and enhancing indoor comfort and safety.


2. Site assessment and facility audit with photos, videos and measurements

Comprehensive inventory of equipment, complete with condition, measurements, photos and/or video evidence, which allows us to bring the right parts on our first scheduled visit.


3. Real-time access to information from anywhere

Provide all departments including Sales, Purchasing, Installation and Service access to the same information in real-time from anywhere.


4. Digital service history

Detailed history of maintenance spend by piece of equipment per location, easy information retrieval for Field Technicians and insight into equipment efficiency and performance.


5. Prioritize work

Fact-based decision-making on repairing and/or replacing equipment with excessively high maintenance spends highlighted for action.

Dock bumper

6. Budget planning and management

Track past spend, find root causes for issues and work alongside Project Managers to accurately forecast budgets and lower maintenance costs with NDS’ recommended fact-based solutions.

Utilizing the power of integrated technology to lower long-term maintenance spend, minimize return calls and prevent foreseeable issues

AccuTrak asset management is exclusively developed by Northern Dock Systems, combining the power of multiple integrated technologies.

1. CRM software to store all equipment conditions, technical specifications per product, preventive maintenance and service information.

Data input
Data input

2. Analytics software to provide insight into emergency service, preventive maintenance and parts spend breakdown per equipment per location, highlighting equipment performance and efficiency.

Maintenance spend tracking
Maintenance spend tracking

3. Digital note-taking software to thoroughly document equipment condition, technical specifications and keep track of facility and energy audits.

Detailed notes on equipment condition

4. Cloud-based storage software to retain photographic and video evidence of equipment condition to easily prioritize work in order of urgency.

Photo and video evidence of equipment condition

5. Project management and mapping software to assign jobs to specific Technicians based on the Technician’s own skill sets and local zones.

Zoned dispatching using Technician-specific skill sets

6. Barcode scanning software to keep track of all new equipment sold and serviced by Northern Dock Systems.

Tracking via barcode