Boxcar rail dock leveler

Boxcar Rail Dock Levelers for Trains


Sliding Lip Rail dock leveler demo

The Boxcar Sliding Lip Rail dock leveler is powered by a hydraulic system and equipped with all the performance features needed for safe and efficient loading and unloading of rail cars. Click on the video to view a demonstration of the rail dock leveler.

Nordock guarantees these products will outperform all others on the market.

Built for strength: Edge Mount dock levelers are manufactured in Canada and tested to withstand impact and handle the heaviest loads, with a 33% deck-to-beam weld ratio and up to 15-20% heavier than traditional dock levelers.

Center deck support that lasts: High-quality, consistent placement of welds and proper center deck support allows for even weight distribution throughout each rail dock leveler.


Unique open lug design eliminates pinch points

Nordock products are guaranteed to outperform all others on the market, and these dock levelers are no exception. Their unique open lug design on the front lip eliminates pinch points by allowing debris to pass straight through the dock leveler. Pinch points are often the cause of serious structural damage to traditional dock levelers, often leading to frequent maintenance and high repair costs.

Unique open lug design by Nordock eliminates pinch points
Comparing a traditional dock lip with the Nordock dock lip that is guaranteed to outperform

Constructed to support the heaviest loads in demanding applications

The majority of dock levelers that are available on the market use inconsistent spot welds on one side of the hinge that provides significantly insufficient support to the center deck. Nordock’s Boxcar dock leveler series lips use consistent 4″ welds that encompass both sides of every hinge, delivering superior center deck support that is able to handle the heaviest loads.

Key features of every Nordock rail dock leveler

Both Boxcar dock levelers feature a fully hydraulic-powered deck and lip (Sliding Lip Rail model also incorporates fully hydraulic side shift functions), a 4″ run-off side guard and end load arms for optimum safety during the cargo loading and unloading process.


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Hydraulic Rail dock leveler (NR)

Hydraulic Rail is able to handle 30,000-80,000 lbs loads with its heavy-duty hydraulic system.

Sliding Lip Rail dock leveler (SRD)

The Sliding Lip Rail dock leveler has a standard weight capacity of 40,000-80,000 lbs.

Model comparison chart

Hydraulic Rail dock leveler (NR) Sliding Lip Rail dock leveler (SRD)
Standard deck width 84" to 120" 96"
Standard deck length Customized 120"
Load capacity 30,000-80,000 lbs 40,000-80,000 lbs
Standard lip 18" 24"


• Emergency stop and lip extend control.
• Extended 20" long lip for the Hydraulic Rail model.
• Remote wall-mounted power unit (Hydraulic Rail).
• Additional side shift rail (Hydraulic Rail).
Dock lights.


10 years

A 1 year limited warranty applies to all non-structural components.

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