RR300 Chill/Freeze high-speed fabric roll-up door for cold storage
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RR300 Chill/Freeze door for coolers and freezers

Energy rebates available
Get energy rebates in select areas of Ontario. Contact us today to begin the qualification process—we'll calculate your potential one-time energy rebates, ongoing energy savings and return on investment.

High speed: The RR300 Chill/Freeze cold storage doors are highly energy-efficient with open speeds of up to 120″/sec.

Superior temperature control: Climatex insulated panel material uses sophisticated cellular insulation to thoroughly separate varying temperatures in two adjacent areas.

Self-repairing breakaway bar: Withstands accidental impact and remains operational. In case of impact, simply press a button to restore the door in its original position.

Weathertight seal: Tight sealing around entire door frame reduces energy loss and maintains climate control.



RR300 Chill: The cold storage door for both cooler and freezer applications

The RR300 Chill insulated high-speed door is designed for high-traffic cooler and freezer applications. With opening speeds of up to 120″/second, the RR300 Chill is one of the fastest cold storage doors available on the market. Quick opening and closing speeds improves worker productivity and enhances safety—all while reducing energy costs. This industrial cooler door is ideal for high-traffic areas where temperatures in the cooler or freezer areas are above 32°F (0°C).

RR300 Freeze: Designed for the coldest freezers

From freezer to loading dock, the RR300 Freeze insulated high-speed freezer door saves on energy and maintenance costs while maximizing workflow efficiency and ensuring a safer, more productive environment. Similar to the RR300 Chill, the RR300 Freeze features fast opening speeds of up to 120″/second for energy-efficient usage. This cold storage freezer door also incorporates insulated door panel material and double weather seals for superior temperature control. RR300 Freeze can also be equipped with heated side frames and energy-saving airflow systems to prevent frost build-up and is the optimal solution for dual-climate facilities where temperatures below -20°F (-28.89°C) open into ambient temperatures.

Bottom bar breaks away in case of accidental impact
RR300 Freeze can be equipped with blowers to resist ice build-up and prevent dangerous conditions

Increasing safety while maintaining operational efficiency

The RR300 Chill and RR300 Freeze use fast opening speeds to avoid damage from forklift operators, and dirt from bins and pallets, but in case of accidental impact, its padded, self-repairing breakaway bottom bar automatically repairs itself. Simply push a button to restore the door in its original position.

Superior resistance against moisture and ice build-up in freezers

Albany’s RR300 Freeze cold storage door comes with optional heated side frames. For optimum performance, it is recommended to pair this high-speed fabric roll-up door with an Enershield Air Barrier for superior climate control that prevents dangerous moisture and ice build-up on floors, walls and products.


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RR300 Chill

The RR300 Chill is a high-speed fabric door designed for high-traffic cooler and freezer applications. The RR300 Chill industrial cooler door is used in facilities where temperatures in the cooler or freezer areas remain above 32°F (0°C).

RR300 Freeze

RR300 Freeze can be equipped with optional heated side frames and paired with an Enershield Air Barrier to prevent frost build-up. This door is the optimal solution for dual-climate facilities where temperatures below -20°F (-28.89°C) open into ambient temperatures.

Model comparison chart

RR300 Chill RR300 Freeze
Door size
Up to 12'x20'
Opening speed
Up to 120"/sec
Closing speed
Climatex 22 oz. composite vinyl panel sections hot welded with three layers of double reflective, heavy-duty polyethylene air pocketed insulation
Up to 3 hp
Frame construction
Heated side frame option available No Yes


• Voltage options: 208-240V, 440-480V, and 575-600V.
• Chain hoist system for manual door operation during power outage.


• Motor: 5 years or 1 million cycles.
• Mechanical and electrical: 2 years.
• Control system parts: 1 year.
• Labour: 1 year.

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