High-Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

Interior & Exterior High-Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master

1200 Dock-Master | 1200 Screen-Master
Easily transform the solid Dock-Master door and turn it into a Screen-Master bug screen mesh door to deter insects, birds and pests while providing great ventilation. View »


Series 1600-4600 Speed-Master

1600 L Eco | 1600 L | 1600 XL | 2600 L | 4600 L
Speed-Master’s high speeds and panel materials prevent outside air infiltration (including heat or A/C loss) even in the toughest interior or exterior applications with frequent vehicle and pedestrian traffic. View »


Interior Only High-Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

RR300 Interior

The RR300 Interior high-speed fabric roll-up door is the ideal solution for separating areas of different temperatures and prevents dust, debris and odour exchange. Rapid speeds, tight seals and advanced safety features help to control environments and improve operations. View »


1400 SEL

The Speed-Commander 1400 SEL high-speed interior door is highly energy-efficient with fast opening and closing speeds. It utilizes a soft bottom edge that automatically reverses in case of accidental impact, greatly reducing maintenance costs. View »


Exterior Only High-Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors


The UltraFast high-speed exterior fabric roll-up door is the ideal solution to increase productivity and safety while lowering maintenance costs. Double weather seals run along with the side frames, and along the front and back of the header for a smooth, tight seal around the entire frame of the door. View »