Interior fabric roll-up doors RR300
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RR300 Interior fabric roll-up door

Energy rebates available
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Interior fabric roll-up doors create a strong environmental separation with high-speed operation

Interior fabric roll-up door RR300
Interior fabric roll-up door RR300

The RR300 Interior high-speed fabric roll-up door is the ideal solution for separating areas of different temperatures and prevents dust, debris and odour exchange. Rapid speeds, tight seals and advanced safety features help to control environments and improve operations.

RR300’s low profile, thin side frames have a small footprint for unlimited installation possibilities. RR300 has opening speeds of up to 80″/second, avoiding damage from forklift operators, and dirt from bins and pallets. Its modular design allows for easy, custom configurations specialized to meet your precise needs.

Increasing safety while maintaining operational efficiency

Albany interior fabric roll-up doors use fast opening speeds to avoid damage from forklift operators, and dirt from bins and pallets, but in case of accidental impact, its padded, self-repairing breakaway bottom bar automatically repairs itself. Simply push a button to restore the door in its original position.

Bottom bar breaks away in case of accidental impact


Customers that love this product


• Voltage options: 208V, 230V, 460V and 575V.
• Wind ribs with replaceable full-width vision panels.
• Extended operating temperature range.


• Motor: 5 years or 1 million cycles.
• Mechanical and electrical: 2 years.
• Control system parts: 1 year.
• Labour: 1 year.

0 cycles
Unmatched motor warranty


Door size 3'x3' to 14'x14'
Opening speed Up to 80"/sec
Motor Up to 2 hp
Enclosure NEMA-4
Frame construction Aluminium

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