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High speed: These big industry doors are energy-efficient with fast opening speeds without compromising on effectiveness.

Keep workers safe: Doors are resilient against damage, extreme weather and high wind loads of up to 88 mph.

Withstands impact: Each heavy industry door is able to withstand accidental impact and remain operational.

Durable: Optional chemical and corrosion resistant heavy-duty side frames ensure superb durability and continuous performance in harsh environments.


UltraTough features

Key features of the UltraTough heavy industry door

The UltraTough heavy industry door comes with a springless or counterbalanced system to reduce energy costs and increase worker productivity. UltraTough’s springless system (direct drive unit) has opening speeds of up to 60″/second, while the counterbalanced system (100,000 cycle torsion springs) has opening speeds of up to 36″/second.

UltraTough’s heavy-duty self-supporting steel side frames and patented Windlok guide system creates a near airtight seal, providing resiliency against damage, extreme weather and high wind loads of up to 88 mph.

UltraBig features

Key features of the UltraBig heavy industry door

UltraBig is the ultimate solution to protect people and materials from exposure to extreme weather and contaminants with large door openings of up to 50’x35′. Remain at full operational efficiency with Assa Abloy’s exclusive UltraStrong chemical and corrosion resistant curtain that is able to withstand accidental impact.

As an added benefit, UltraBig also:
• Protects against extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 176°F (80°C).
• Withstands wind gusts up to 88 mph.
• Creates a near airtight seal.
• Uses an electric bottom edge to automatically reverse during impact.

Ideal applications

Each heavy industry door is ideal for: automotive, distribution, wastewater management, transportation, parking facilities, and more.


Customers that love this product



UltraTough is a heavy industry door that provides the ideal solution for quick, energy-efficient operation, fitting door sizes up to 30'x30'.


UltraTough is a big industry door that is able to cover extra large door openings up to 50'x35'.

Model comparison chart

UltraTough UltraBig
Door size
8'x8' to 30'x30'
Opening speed Up to 60"/sec (counterbalanced)
Up to 36"/sec (springless)
Up to 12"/sec
Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
Motor Up to 3.35 hp Up to 4.96 hp
Frame construction



• Voltage options: 208-240V, 440-480V, and 575-600V.
• Drive unit options: Springless System (direct drive unit) and Counterbalance System (100,000 cycle torsion springs).


• Voltage options: 208-240V, 440-480V, and 575-600V.
• Corrosion and chemical resistant coating.
• EPDM door panel.
• Hood.
• 10"x18" windows.


• Motor: 5 years or 1 million cycles.
• Mechanical and electrical: 2 years.
• Control system parts: 1 year.
• Labour: 1 year.
• SBR rubber door panel: Lifetime.

0 cycles
Unmatched motor warranty

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