Albany RR300 Clean cleanroom fabric roll-up door
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RR300 Clean pharmaceutical and cleanroom fabric roll-up door

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RR300 Clean features - pharmaceutical high-speed fabric roll-up door

The perfect cleanroom fabric roll-up door

Minimize cleanroom risk with maximum particle and pressure control with the RR300 Clean cleanroom fabric roll-up door. Gain greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements.

RR300 Clean creates a near airtight seal

This high-speed pharmaceutical fabric roll-up door creates a near airtight seal, minimizing pressure drop. Its incredibly fast speeds help to:
• Minimize energy loss and maintain hygienic conditions in controlled environments. An additional MCC Vector Control option boosts the door’s opening speeds further from the standard 80″/second.
• Reduce cleanroom filtration costs.
• Provide superior control over air exchange to reduce contaminants.

Key features

• ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) rated and is GMP Class C certified.
• FDA certified PVC door panel.
• Stainless steel door components and design simplify cleaning by eliminating particle accumulation.
• Touchless activator for hygienic operations.
• Insulated reversing soft bottom bar.
• Low profile side frame.

Increase safety and maintain peak operational efficiency

Pharmaceutical fabric roll-up doors use fast opening speeds to avoid damage to personnel and equipment, but in case of accidental impact, a contactless safety edge immediately reverses the door to its open position. Additional safety features of this high-speed pharmaceutical door include:
• An optional contactless actuator – simply wave your hand to open the door in a faster, more hygienic way.
• An egress safety system in the case of a power outage to provide up to four hours of standby and operation.

Contactless activation by Assa Abloy for pharmaceutical fabric roll-up doors
Contactless actuator opens door after hand wave


Customers that love this product


• Voltage options: 208-240V, 440-280V and 575-600V.
• Contactless actuator which uses a hand wave to opens the door in a faster, more hygienic way.
• Egress safety system which provides up to four hours of standby/operation power in case of a power outage.
• MCC Vector Control to boost opening speeds with smooth operation. MCC Vector Control includes an additional remote monitoring system option.


• Motor: 5 years or 1 million cycles.
• Mechanical and electrical: 2 years.
• Control system parts: 1 year.
• Labour: 1 year.

0 cycles
Unmatched motor warranty


Door size 3.2'x3.2' to 11.5'x11.5'
Opening speed Up to 80"/sec
Closing speed Up to 40"/sec
Motor 1 hp
Enclosure NEMA-4
Frame construction Stainless steel

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