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Nordock trailer lift helps to level trucks

The Nordock trailer lift is able to lift trailers up to 60,000 pounds, is constructed from heavy metal and backed by the superior Nordock warranty guarantee to outperform all other truck lifts on the market. See how Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto utilizes the Nordock Truck-Lift in their daily operations.

Nordock guarantees this product will outperform all others on the market

Extensive load capacity: Truck-Lift is able to lift trailer loads of up to 60,000 pounds.

Easy operation: Raise or lower this trailer lift with the push of a button.

Steady levelling: Truck-Lift maintains a steady level even with off-center loads.


Truck-Lift lifts all types of trailers to the proper dock height

Maximize your operational efficiency by keeping your loading dock area running at optimum speed. Nordock’s Truck-Lift is easily able to lift all types of trailers to the proper dock height. With a capacity of up to 60,000 pounds, Truck-Lift is a trailer lift that uses synchronized lifting cylinders to keep the deck at a steady level, even with off-center loads. Spherical bearings on cylinders alleviate internal stresses for prolonged longevity and use.


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With a 60,000 pound capacity, Truck-Lift lifts all types of trailers to the proper dock height for optimum service and productivity.

Models: SM (Surface Mounted), PM (Pit Mounted)


• Surface mount or pit mount models available.


• 1 year limited.


Capacity 60,000 lbs
Sizes 10'x14', 10'x16', 10'x20'
Motor 5 hp remote mounted power unit with hose, oil and fittings
Control panel NEMA 12 rated
Tread plate 50,000-55,000 psi yield steel
Lug style hinge assembly 75,000 psi hardened chrome pins

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