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Northern Dock Systems is an industry leader in the sales and service of energy-efficient products including: HVLS Fans, air barriers, high-speed doors, dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, and other equipment. Recognized as one of Ontario's top energy-saving partners, we're dedicated to offering versatile savings solutions across all industries for customers who strive to reduce energy consumption, lower expenses and take advantage of rebates. Our consultative approach helps develop strategic, customized full-scale solutions to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency for your business. Find your solution »

Retail solutions

Make customers browse inside stores for a longer period of time by enhancing indoor comfort. Prevent contaminant infiltration and increase energy-efficiency to meet corporate social responsibility goals quicker.
Cold storage

Cold storage solutions

Keep your products cold without sacrificing employee comfort or workplace safety. Combine the temperature separation power of our energy-efficient products and receive significant energy rebates.

Pharmaceutical and food manufacturing solutions

Cleanroom and food manufacturing products provide airtight seals and are easy to clean, preventing any bacteria or other contaminants from sticking to surfaces.

Automotive solutions

Increase throughput and reduce energy consumption with high-speed operators, sleek high performance doors and other products that create a better indoor environment for employees and customers.

Agricultural solutions

Create cool, comfortable temperatures for farm animals to prevent sickness and increase productivity. Maintain great air quality to keep produce fresh and healthy, reducing spoilage.

Customer success stories

  • KMJ Overhead Door and Ramp in Brampton Ontario Feature Image

KMJ Industrial Contractors

NDS built a rigid ramp and installed an overhead door to support the weight of the equipment and increase their operational efficiency in Brampton, Ontario

  • Four-Fold door


NDS supplied and installed a high-speed Four-Fold door at Finning in Calgary, Alberta to improve their productivity and increase overall workplace safety.

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