Automatic Doors – Activators and Operators

Automatic Dock Doors with Motion Sensors for Forklifts and People
Touchless Wave-to-Open for Entrance and Industrial Doors
Retrofit to Automatic Swing Door Operators for Entrances
LZR Widescan motion sensor for overhead doors bluetooth

Motion and Presence Sensors for Automatic Doors

LZR-Widescan | Falcon
Motion, presence and safety all in one. These sensors can be set to open only for incoming pedestrian or forklift traffic. Speed up workflows by installing or retrofitting dock, industrial, pedestrian and entrance doors with automatic motion sensors. View »

Touchless Wave Sensors for Automatic Doors

Prevent cross-contamination and speed up workflows. Install or retrofit industrial and commercial doors with automatic touchless wave sensors. Perfect for washrooms, entrances, lunchrooms, cleanroom and swing doors. View »

Automatic Swing Door Operator for Entrances

Convert a new or existing manual entrance swing door to a powered or automatic door. The low energy use and easy-to-service design prevent energy loss, protect against pests and meet government standards such as ANASI 156.19. View »

Xcluder bottom weather seal for sectional door

Weather Seals

Brush | Rubber | In-track Perimeter Door | Xcluder Rodent-Proof Stainless-Steel Fill
Add weather seal to prevent insects, pests, dust and outdoor air infiltration around your overhead, swing and automatic sliding doors for increased safety and protection. View »