Automatic Doors – Activators and Operators

Touchless Wave Sensors for Automatic Doors

MS08 Standard | MS09 NEMA 4
Prevent cross-contamination and speed up workflows. Install or retrofit industrial and commercial doors with automatic touchless wave sensors. Perfect for washrooms, entrances, lunchrooms, cleanroom doors. View »

Motion Sensors for Automatic Doors

Automatically open doors from approaching pedestrians, forklift or vehicle traffic. Improve productivity, prevent pests and reduce germs without having to touch a door to open it. They can be installed or retrofitted on existing industrial and commercial doors.  View »

Pedestrian Swing Door Operator

Convert a new or existing manual pedestrian swing door to a powered or automatic door. The low energy use and easy-to-service design prevent energy loss, protect against pests and meets government standards. View »

Weather Seals

Brush | Rubber | In-track Perimeter Door
Add a brush weather seal to prevent insects, pests, dust and outdoor air infiltration around loading dock levelers and dock doors for increased safety. View »