Dock Seals, Shelters and Canopies

Dock Seals

Head Curtain/Fixed Head Dock Seal (FC/FP) | ‘L’ Pad (FL) Dock Seal | Multi-Seal Dock Seal | Trailer Door Gap Compression Dock Seal (STC/STP)
An efficient dock seal is the first step towards saving energy at any facility and preventing dust, insects, white light and other contaminants.

Dock Shelters

HingeMaster Foam Frame | Inflatable (IS-950/IS-550) | Foam Frame (FF)
Our full line-up of dock shelters includes rigid, foam and inflatable shelters for ultimate flexibility in accommodating different truck heights.

Dock Canopies

Rain-Shield & Rain-Stop
Combining a dock seal or shelter with a dock canopy is the best defense against rain, snow and other contaminants from entering through any gaps between the top of a trailer and the dock seal or shelter. View all »