Dock Seals, Shelters and Canopies

Blue Giant Adjustable Head Curtain Dock Seal BG200

Dock Seals

Compression | Fixed Head Pad | Head Curtain | Adjustable Head Pad
An efficient dock seal is the first step towards saving energy at any facility and preventing dust, insects, white light and other contaminants.

Dock Shelters

HingeMaster Foam Frame | Stationary | Inflatable (IS-950/IS-550) | Foam Frame (FF)
Our full line-up of dock shelters includes stationary, foam and inflatable shelters for ultimate flexibility in accommodating different truck heights.

Galvanized Rain Shroud Dock Canopy

Dock Canopies

Rain ShroudRain-Shield & Rain-Stop
Combining a dock seal or shelter with a dock canopy is the best defence against rain, snow and other contaminants from entering through any gaps between the top of a trailer and the dock seal or shelter.