AODA Compliance

The following documents are available in alternative formats upon request:

Requests may be made in the following ways:

AODA and W3C Compliance

Northern Dock Systems works hard to ensure our website is accessible for all visitors. We continually make an effort to conform to AODA and the guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Alternative Formats

Any document found on our website can be made available in a large variety of formats including large print and plain language. To request an alternative format, please contact us at 1 (866) 601-1758.

Increase Size of Text and Graphics

Learn how to quickly adjust the size of images, text and website elements using your keyboard.

On Screen-Readers

Windows Narrator

Windows Narrator is a basic screen-reading program. The program gives speech feedback for menus and dialogue boxes. It does not speak the entire web page. The following steps will enable you to turn on that feature based on your Windows Operating System.

Macintosh VoiceOver Utility

VoiceOver Utility is a screen-reading program built into the latest versions (OS 10.4 and 10.5) of Apple Macintosh Operating Systems. It provides speech feedback for menus and dialogue boxes and can speak out whole web pages once configured.

Visit the VoiceOver website for more information or visit the download section for an accessible PDF manual or audio recording.

Alternative Text

Images on the Northern Dock Systems website have alternative text attributes, often known as alt text. This means that the image can be understood by text browsers and resistive technologies such as screen readers.

Software Utilities

Some documents on the Northern Dock Systems website are available in a PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to open these files. You can download Adobe Reader free of charge from the Adobe website.

Contact Us for Help

While we make every effort to keep all content on this website accessible to all visitors, please contact us for help if you find any information on this website that you cannot access.

Building an accessible website is an ongoing process and we welcome any comments on how to improve our site’s accessibility.