Dock Bumpers and Bollards

Dock Bumpers

Steel Face Dock Bumpers

Steel Face | Laminate | Steel Spring
The dock bumper is the single most important piece of equipment in any loading dock area—it’s the first line of defence in protecting your building from damage while the trailer backs into the loading dock. View »

Noise-Reducing Nytrex Slider Dock Bumper

Reduce noise on trailer impact with Nytrex dock bumpers that move up and down with the action of the trailer. Nytrex Slider dock bumpers are flippable for up to two times the lifespan of an economical dock bumper. View »

Bollards and Guarding

Rebounding Bollard

Constructed from steel and revolutionary in design with its rebounding elastomer base, these bollards successfully absorb impact and reset to their original position without the need for replacement after a collision. View »


Fixed Pour-In Bollard

Powered-Coated Carbon | Stainless Steel | Galvanized Steel | Coloured Plastic Covers
Filled with concrete and completed with a concrete footing, these fixed pour-in bollards can handle the heaviest impacts from trucks, trailers and forklifts. View »

Bolt-Down Bollards

Surface Mounted Bolt-Down Bollard

Powered-Coated | Stainless Steel
No core drilling or excavation is needed for these surface-mount bollards. Simply bolt down the bollard’s base plate and you’re ready to go. View »

Steel Guardrail Systems warehouse guarding railing dual 44"

Guardrails for Warehouses

Steel Guardrails | Flexible Rebounding Guardrails
These guardrails improve safety by stopping forklifts from accidentally hitting pedestrians, goods or equipment. View »