High Performance Doors and Shutters

Four-Fold Doors

Four-Fold doors are meant for use in high-cycle environments, offering superior reliability and incredibly fast opening speeds to make every second count. View »

Performance Overhead Doors

Aluminum Polycarbonate
Performance overhead doors are engineered and designed exclusively for high-cycle use in car dealerships, automotive service centres and select industrial applications. View »

High Impact Sectional Doors and Knock-Out Doors

MxV Knock-Out Door | QxV Sectional Door | UltraTough/UltraBig
Ideal for environments that require superior resilience and protection against damage to doors including: loading dock areas, food and cold storage facilities, mining, transit stations, garages, and more. View »

Interior High-Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

RR300 Interior | 1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master | 1400 SEL | Series 1600-4600 Speed-Master | Series 5000 Speed-Guardian
Interior doors use opening and closing rapid speeds, tight seals and advanced safety features to improve operational efficiency. View »

Exterior High-Speed Fabric Roll-Up and Rigid Roll-Up Doors

UltraFast | RR3000/RR3000 Vision | UltraTough/UltraBig | 1200 Dock-Master/Screen-Master | Series 1600-4600 Speed-Master | Series 5000 Speed-Guardian | 209V/209D
Exterior high-speed doors deliver security, strength and smooth performance for optimal efficiency and flexibility. View »

Bug Prevention Doors

8000/8000XXL | 1200 Screen-Master 
Bug prevention doors use a weatherproof screened barrier to stop contaminants such as birds, bugs and rodents from entering a facility. Bug screen doors are also great for easy ventilation during summer. View »

Machine Guarding Doors

RP300/RP2000/1400 MP 
Machine guarding doors help you save time, floor space, and construction costs while enhancing safety and increasing production yields with fast opening and closing speeds. View »

Cold Storage Doors

RR300 Chill/Freeze | 1400 SEL Cool-Master | Recirculatory Air Door | Fiberglass Vertical Rise | Impactable and Standard Sliding (Single/Bi-Part) 
Cold storage doors combine fast speeds and superior temperature control to decrease energy consumption and ensure product quality. View »

Food Processing Doors

1400 SEL | 1400 SEL Food-Master 
Food processing doors combine high-speed operation, stainless steel design and efficient seals to provide superior protection against contaminants and ensure easy cleaning. View »

Cleanroom and Pharmaceutical Doors

RR300 Clean | 1400 SEL | 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa | Bi-Part Sliding Fiberglass 
Pharmaceutical doors minimize pressure drops and protect the environment against drafts, humidity, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. View »

Impact Doors

All Star 75 (Retail)/Series 4000 (Industrial) 
Impact doors assure fast, safe flow of traffic and goods coming in and out of restricted access zones. They are used in spaces where frequent impact occurs in high-traffic areas. View »

Heavy Industry Doors

High-performance doors open fast to ensure a steady and safe flow of equipment, goods and people in and out of tough, corrosive conditions of heavy industry. View » 

Fire Doors and Shutters

255 (Single)/265 (Bi-Part) Sliding U.L.-Rated
Fire doors and shutters have surpassed market demands for quality, performance and U.L. compliance, shielding occupants and goods from different compartments in case of a fire. View »

Touchless Entry and Automatic Doors

Touchless Actuators | Automatic Doors | Motion Sensors
Prevent cross-contamination by never having to touch a door to open it. Install or retrofit dock, industrial and pedestrian doors with touchless or automatic solutions. View »

Weather Seals

Brush | Rubber | In-track Perimeter Door
Add a brush weather seal to prevent insects, pests, dust and outdoor air infiltration around loading dock levelers and dock doors for increased safety. View »

High-Speed Overhead Door Operators

High-speed springless Safedrive overhead door operator
The high-speed springless Safedrive operator is maintenance-free, self-monitoring and operates silently. Its incredibly fast opening speeds of up to 100"/second is energy-efficient and helps to increase operational efficiency, throughput and worker productivity. View »

Pedestrian Swing Door Operator

Convert a new or existing manual pedestrian swing door to a powered or automatic door. The low energy use and easy to service design prevents energy loss, protects against pests and meets government standards. View »