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Rodent Problems in the Food Manufacturing and Food Warehousing

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Rodents eat or contaminate at least 20% of the world’s food supply. Consequently rodents are are the primary cause of audit failures in the food industry.

Rats have the ability to gnaw through plastic, wood, aluminum, brick cement and lead. Additionally, they can squeeze into holes as small as a quarter. While mice can fit into holes as small as a nickel.

As a result, that food safety codes and regulations have included strict measures to make sure rodents and pests do not enter.

“All external windows, ventilation openings, doors, and other openings shall be effectively sealed when closed, and proofed against dust, vermin, and other pests.”

SQF Institute – Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing, Edition 9

Protect Your Facility from Rodents and Pests with Weather Seal

Be Food Audit-Ready and Pass Inspections

Brush weather seal

Weather Seals and Stripping

Rubber | Brush | Rodent Proof Stainless-Steel Fill
Add a weather seal and stripping to prevent insects, pests, dust, white light and outdoor air infiltration around loading dock levelers and doors for increased safety. View »

Xcluder bottom weather seal for sectional door

Weather Seal for Doors

Overhead Doors | Swing Doors | Sliding Doors
Add weather seal to prevent insects, pests, dust and outdoor air infiltration around overhead, swing and sliding doors for increased safety and protection. View »

All-Seal dock leveler seal

Weather Seal for Dock Levelers

Brush | Spiral | Rodent Proof Stainless-Steel Fill | Pull Chain Plug | All Seal
Energy-saving dock leveler weather seal solutions that prevent dirt, pests, insects and weather infiltration to get you food audit-ready. View »