Trailer Restraints and Wheel Chocks

Blue Giant StrongArm Powder-Coat Trailer Restraint

Trailer Restraints

HVR303 Electric Rotating Hook | SVR303 Hydraulic Barrier | TL85 Hydraulic Barrier | RVR303 Recessed Pit Hook | ML10 Mechanical
Our trailer restraints are capable of holding the heaviest trucks while the locking hook secures virtually all rear impact guards in excess of 35,000 pounds of restraining force to eliminate trailer pinch. View »

Wheel Chocks

Smart Chock | Interlock Chock | Vector Chock | Handy Chock | Rubber wheel chock | Metal wheel chock
Wheel chocks are the economical solution to safely securing your vehicle from trailer creep. Choose from durable rubber or metal wheel chocks with a variety of added safety features including integration with a dock light communication system. View »

Trailer Stands

Trailer stands are engineered to prevent trailer upending and provide a secondary support system for landing gear, capable of supporting up to 100,000 pounds. We have both ergonomic manual and shuntable (no boots on the ground) models available.  View »