Aftermarket products

AeroTec truck fan and air ventilation system

AeroTec Standard | AeroTec Super (AC)
AeroTec truck fans are the complete fan and air ventilation solution for loading docks. Circulate fresh air throughout the entire trailer to create comfortable work environment for loading dock workers. View »

Mezzanine barrier gates, dock barrier gates and safety straps

Roly mezzanine safety gate | Fall-Stop safety barrier gate | Dock Gate | Retractable Safety Barrier | Safety Strap
Enhance safety around the loading dock with a variety of safety barriers that include barrier gates and retractable straps. View all »

Mobile and stationary yard ramps

Mobile yard ramp | Stationary yard ramp
Aluminum and steel mobile and stationary yard ramps are great for organizations that do not have sufficient docking facilities. Mobile yard ramps and stationary yard ramps are easy to install and can be moved to another location when necessary. View all »

Wheel risers

Allowing trailers to be positioned properly above a dock, wheel risers are essential for more efficient loading. With multiple width, length and custom sizes available, they can accommodate single, dual, or tandem axle trailers and can be portable or permanently positioned. View »

AutoStand Plus

The AutoStand Plus is ergonomic by design to reduce strain on the body. AutoStand Plus is also engineered to prevent trailer upending and provide a secondary support system for landing gear, capable of supporting up to 100,000 pounds. View »

LED mirror alert dome

The LED mirror alert dome increases safety for personnel. High-visibility LED “caution” text, a directional arrow and an optional blue LED floor spotlight makes this safety device great for use around blind corners, hidden intersections or obstructed doorways. View »

PVC automated and non-automatic clear strip curtains

Automated clear strip curtain | Non-automated clear strip curtain
PVC clear strip curtains are cost-effective enclosures that separate two different environments. The edges of each strip are rounded for protection and a concave-convex overlapping pat