Dock Levelers

Standard Dock Levelers

Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Workhorse | Heavy | Super | Extreme | Ultra
A hydraulic dock leveler provides superior strength, stability and performance for demanding applications. Hydraulic dock levelers can save you up to 91% of maintenance costs. View all »

Blue Giant Airbag Air Powered Dock Leveler

Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Workhorse | Heavy
An air-powered dock leveler with a damage-resistant airbag for temperature extremes, heavy usage and exposure to caustic substances. View all »

Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Leveler

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Workhorse | Heavy | Super
Mechanical dock levelers are the economical option for small-to-moderate applications. These dock levelers are designed to simplify the loading and unloading process and are easy to operate. View all »

Specialty Dock Levelers

Dock leveler

Flex-Lip Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Flex-Lip (SHF) | Air-powered Flex-Lip (ADF)
The Flex-Lip dock leveler uses exclusive technology to maintain a steady 180° angle irrespective of truck height. Both models come with Nordock’s standard 20 year front hinge and full-width rear hinge, 10 year structural and 5 year lifting mechanism warranties. View all »

Dock leveler

Dock Levelers for Cold Storage Facilities

Vertical Storing | Vertical Telescoping-Lip | Horizontal Telescoping-Lip
Cold storage dock levelers feature a number of models to best suit the building, usage, truck height and truck type. These dock levelers come with Nordock’s standard 20 year front hinge and full-width rear hinge, 10 year structural and 5 year lifting mechanism warranties. View all »

Blue Giant Mechanical Edge of Dock

Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Mechanical | Hydraulic
Edge-of-dock levelers are ideal for loading docks with limited space. Available in mechanical and hydraulic models. Control your dock with a pull of an easy grip handle or single push-button control for easy operation. View all »

Dock leveler

Boxcar Dock Levelers for Loading Trains

Hydraulic Rail | Sliding Lip Rail
Boxcar dock levelers are available in two models including one with a sliding lip. These dock levelers are specifically designed for safe and efficient loading of train rail cars. Each unit is custom-built to suit rail position, door width and desired capacity. Boxcar dock levelers by Nordock come with a 10 year structural warranty. View all »

Dock Leveler Accessories

Blue Giant Dock Leveler Weather Seal Energy Seal Plus

Weather Seal for Dock Levelers

Brush | Spiral | Rodent Proof Stainless-Steel Fill | Pull Chain Plug | Energy Seal Plus
Energy-saving dock leveler weather seal solutions that prevent dirt, pests, insects and weather infiltration to get you food audit-ready. View »

Blue Genius Gold Series III Control Panel dock leveler trailer vehicle restraint

Control Panels for Your Loading Dock Equipment

Blue Genius Gold Series | Blue Genius Platinum Series
Blue Genius combination control panels for easy operation of dock levelers, trailer restraints, lights, doors and seals. View »

hydraulic conversion kit SP1 push controls hose manual

Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Each hydraulic conversion kit features heavy-duty cylinders. The hydraulic conversion kit is adaptable to all dock leveler sizes and is controlled using simple push-button operation. View »

Pit construction

New Pit Construction

A new pit construction might be required when new dock levelers are installed with different sizing. Get in touch with Northern Dock Systems for your next pit construction or re-construction project. Contact us »

Corner Dock Seal

Corner Dock Seal and Cone Stuffer

The Corner Dock Seal and Cone Stuffer closes off the open gap between dock seals, dock levelers and truck trailers to prevent outside pest, insect, dust and moisture infiltration. View »

Leveler Blanket

Insulated Leveler Blanket

The Leveler Blanket prevents indoor heat escaping through the leveler plate by creating an additional layer of insulation. Leveler Blanket is easily stored away above the door opening when it is not required keeping the loading dock area free of any obstructions. View »

Leveler Koozi

Leveler Koozi

Leveler Koozi is suitable for most existing dock levelers and is installed between the structural beams on the under side of the dock leveler platform using magnetic fasteners allowing the Leveler Koozi to be installed on any dock leveler regardless of condition (rust, flaking paint, uneven surfaces, etc.) View »