Scissor, Platform and In-Plant Lift Tables

From Ground to Dock Lift Tables

LoMaster Dock Lift Tables

Stationary Dock Lift (DL) | Semi-Portable Dock Lift (S)
These dock lift tables are designed for maximum strength, capacities up to 20,000 lbs, convenience and reliability with an anti-slip rust-proof deck. View all »

Custom Ergonomic Scissor Lifts for Manufacturing Plants

Scissor Lifts, Tilters, Upenders and Turn Tables

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts | Pneumatic Scissor Lifts | Hydraulic Tilters | Pneumatic Tilters | Upender | Turn Tables
Wide scissor lifts, double scissor lifts, tilters, steel coil upenders, turn tables, custom table lifts and many more. View all »


Transitioning from Trailer to Dock Floor

Dock Boards and Dock Plates

Dock board | Dock plate
Dock boards and dock plates are the economical, easy to use solution to bridge the gap between the trailer and the dock floor for low-to-medium traffic areas. View all »