Enershield Air Barriers create the tightest seal to separate areas of different temperatures and increase worker comfort and productivity.

Company: Loblaw
City: Ajax, Ontario


Loblaw was experiencing air infiltration between areas in their cold storage facility.

Using an old fashioned high speed plastic curtain door, air was able to transfer between 35°F and 55°F storage areas when while open making it impossible to maintain a consistent set point. Additionally, due to fork lifts consistently hitting these doors, the curtains were damaged and could not provide a proper seal even while closed.


Northern Dock Systems recognizes the importance of maintaining consistent temperatures in storage areas to reduce strain on existing HVAC equipment and ensure proper food storage requirements are met.

Air barrier results
Performance: After a needs assessment of the entire facility, an Enershield Air Barrier was installed to allow constant access between rooms while sealing the doorway by up to 90%. When in use, Loblaw is now able to maintain set points within a few degrees compared to a 13° difference when turned off.

Faster processes: By eliminating the bi-parting doors, employees are now free to collect orders without any process delays by waiting for a door to open. The Air Barrier has also eliminate facility equipment damage from accidentally hitting the doors.

Energy savings: By maintaining a constant set point in both areas, the Air Barrier helps to prevent the cooling system from overworking which in turn prevents an increase in electricity bills.

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Air Barriers Separate Temperature Zones