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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

before drive-in through doorafter berner industrial air curtain barrier blade drive-in through door closed

Project Overview

McRae Imaging in Mississauga needed to keep the cold air out of an area where they printed. On account of the barrels on the printer needed to be at the correct temperature to operate properly. However, the printer was beside the area where a drive-in door would frequently open and close. Leading to temperature fluctuations for the printer.

Northern Dock Systems came up with the perfect solution for them. An Air Curtain above the drive-in door would seal out 90% of the outside air and keep the correct temperatures inside even when the door was opened.

McRae Imaging loved the idea of air curtains so much that they also installed one above their dock door. As a result, they:

  • Boosted their annual energy savings.
  • Created environmental separation to keep inside temperatures consistent for their printers.
  • Improved employee comfort with consistent indoor temperatures.
  • Increase operational efficiency because they don’t have to wait for a door to close to use the printer.

In addition, we worked with their local utility company to get them a one-time energy rebate to cover 84% of the project costs. Furthermore, air curtains save 15-20 units of energy for every 1 unit consumed for continuous annual energy savings year after year. As a result, McRae Imaging can expect an estimated $2,673 of annual energy savings for their two air curtains.

Before Air Curtain

Temperature changes each time the door is opened

before drive-in through door

After Air Curtain

The door is open but no temperatures changes inside

after berner industrial air curtain barrier blade drive-in through door open

Covered by One-Time Energy Rebate for Air Curtains
Estimated Annual Energy Savings for Two Air Curtains
Energy rebates available

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