A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems


Old rusted dock leveler, worn down dock bumpers and no dock seals


Blue Giant hydraulic dock leveler, steel face dock bumpers and head curtain dock seals

Project Overview

Anthem Properties had a property in Calgary whose loading docks needed to be upgraded for their new tenant. The old dock levelers had rusted and needed to be replaced. Furthermore, there were no dock seals and the laminated dock bumpers had worn down. As a result, the concrete around the loading dock had been damaged because there was no more protection against backing up trucks.

Damaged concrete and worn dock bumper

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

They contacted Northern Dock Systems to get their loading docks upgraded for their new tenants. First, the old dock levelers were removed, and a new concrete pit was poured to repair the damage that had been done by the previous tenants. Then, new Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Levelers were installed. These hydraulic dock levelers are easy to use and will be able to keep up with the new tenant’s entertainment business where they need to do a lot of loading and unloading for events.

Hydraulic dock levelers and steel face dock bumpers

Steel Face Dock Bumpers

Next, to protect the new dock levelers and concrete, new Steel Face Dock Bumpers and Blue Giant Head Curtain Dock Seals were added. Steel face dock bumpers are the perfect solution for high-traffic areas. This is because they have a floating steel face plate that can withstand numerous impacts from backing up trucks without wearing down like laminate dock bumpers.

Head Curtain Dock Seals

Head curtain dock seals work with dock bumpers to protect the building from impacts from trucks. In addition, they will create a seal around the trailer of the truck to prevent cold air, rain, snow and contaminants from getting into the building. As a result, this will keep the employees safer from slips and comfortable temperature-wise during loading and unloading.

Dock seals keep out cold air, rain, snow and contaminants

Overhead Door Repair Service to Fix Damage and Adjust Springs

Next, we serviced their sectional overhead doors. A few of the doors’ bottom sections had been damaged from accidental impacts with forklifts. Any damaged door panels, hinges, rollers and/or weather seal were replaced. To prevent future accidents, the springs on each of the doors were lubricated and adjusted to prevent door creep which is the number one cause for forklifts hitting doors.

Replaced damaged hinges, rollers, sections and weather seal

Polycarbonate Door Sections

Finally in order to let in natural light into the loading dock area, some doors had their 4th section removed and replaced with a polycarbonate section. As a result, the inside loading dock area is more pleasant and safer to work in because it is brighter to make everything more visible.

The new upgrades to the loading dock and building managed by Anthem Properties looks great. So they were able to please their new tenant with long-term solutions and equipment that would be able to keep up with their high-traffic and busy business.

Polycarbonate door sections let in more light

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