Canplas industries LTD

A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Before Position 5 no dock seal vehicle restraintAfter Position 5 Blue giant dock seal head curtain BG200 electric hook vehicle trailer restraint HVR303
Before Position 8 no dock seal vehicle restraintAfter Position 8 Blue giant dock seal head curtain BG200 electric hook vehicle trailer restraint HVR303

Project Overview

Canplas in Barrie had no dock seal or trailer restraints on their building. As a result, cold air would enter their manufacturing plant in the winter when they were loading and unloading trucks.

Trailer Creep Causes Safety Issues

Additionally, loading and unloading trailers was a safety issue because the trucks weren’t secure to the building. When a truck is not secure to a building, the movement of loading and unloading can cause the trailer to creep forward. The lip of the dock leveler should always be 6-8” on the trailer bed. If a trailer creeps forward and lessens that amount, there is a risk of the dock falling while a forklift is on it.

Dock Seals Stop Cold Drafts

This Barrie manufacturing plant contacted Northern Dock Systems to improve safety, prevent cold drafts and increase energy savings.

Our technicians installed Blue Giant Head Curtain Dock Seals (BG200) at their two positions. These dock seals will seal up the building from cold drafts, bugs, pests, rain, snow and white light. As a result, this will help them save on energy and keep the inside loading dock area comfortable for staff to work.

Stop Trailer Creep and Improve Safety with Vehicle Restraints

In addition to the dock seals, we installed two Blue Giant Electric Hook Vehicle Restraints (HVR303) and Blue Genius Control Panels. These new control panels allow for easy push-button operation of both the new restraints and existing docks through a single control panel. Furthermore, the docks were interlocked with the restraint through the control panel so the dock could not be operated until the trailer was safely secured with the vehicle restraint.

Employees can now stay warm in the winter and safe during the loading process.


Push button control for dock ONLY.

Before dock only control panel


Interlocked push button controls for dock and vehicle restraint with communication lights.

After Blue Genius Gold III Control Panel interlock dock vehicle trailer restraint communication light

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