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A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

Project overview

Cold drafts would often enter Clover Tool Manufacturing’s facility during the winter causing employee discomfort, hindering their productivity. Employees at Clover Tool Manufacturing were eager to have air barriers installed; however, due to limited headroom at their facility, workers at Clover Tool Manufacturing was unsure whether this would be possible.

Once an Account Manager from Northern Dock Systems arrived on-site to conduct a Needs Assessment, workers were ensured that installing Enershield Air Barriers was still possible, despite the limited headroom.

Moreover, the Manager was informed about the numerous benefits the Air Barrier Direct Install Program had to offer, including:
• An estimated return on investment in 1.2 months.
• An estimated savings of up to $5,329.92/year on their natural gas bills.
• Maintaining a comfortable temperature for employees around the loading dock area, enhancing workplace productivity and efficiency.

Estimated total energy savings

Estimated annual savings on natural gas bills


Return on air barrier investment

A quick ROI through the Direct Install Program

1.2 months

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