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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

JADE intakes air from bottom, purifies it through 5 stage systems before pushing clean air out top
JADE UV Air Purifier in Dalton Pharma Office
Hand sensor for JADE

Compact and powerful design can fit in and purify any 850 sq. ft. space

Project Overview

Dalton Pharma Services was concerned with COVID-19 and wanted to add air purification to their office to protect all their staff.

They contacted Northern Dock Systems, to learn of our various post-COVID-19 strategies to keep workspaces safe. We suggested for them to use 2 JADE UV air purifiers to cover their entire office space.

A single JADE unit purifies the air of an entire 850 square foot space twice an hour. It’s compact design, standing at only three feet tall, makes it easy to place it anywhere without impeding foot traffic.

Its 5-stage filtration process captures dust particles, pollen, mould, allergens, viruses, odours, bio-aerosols and many other pollutants to protect people and electronic equipment.

These air purifiers are easy to use with its touchless hand wave sensor to control the settings.

Dalton Pharma Services have been very happy with the JADEs since installation and they are looking to add more to their facilities. The UV air purifiers are working great and employees feel safer and taken care of.


Toronto, Ontario

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