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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Before Image of Dock Leveler and Trailer RestraintAfter Image of Hydraulic Dock Leveler and SVR303 Trailer Restraint

Project Overview

Our customer, Moore Packaging in Barrie, Ontario had loading docks and trailer restraints that were unsafe to operate for their packing facility. To start, the loading docks had structural damage to it. In particular, the dock leveler’s deck. The deck was dished, and the dock leveler had deteriorated and weakened. In the same way, the trailer restraints in use were old and often needed repair. This caused constant issues for the company. As a result, the working conditions were unsafe, and the company lost a lot of money on repair services and parts.

By contacting Northern Dock Systems, our Project Manager was able to have our technicians on-site promptly to install four Blue Giant Heavy Hydraulic Dock Levers along with four Blue Giant SVR303 Hydraulic Trailer Restraints. This success story is focused on safety. So, the solutions provided for Moore Packaging facility fixed their safety concerns.

Blue Giants Hydraulic Dock Leveler 

The Blue Giant control panels are easy to use because customers can operate their trailer restraint, dock leveler, door and/or dock lights with a single interlock panel. With a touch of a button, customers can engage the trailer restraint, then the door and finally the dock.

Our client needed consistent quality and strength and we delivered. Blue Giant’s state-of-the-art robotic welding capabilities give people peace of mind. Their detailed placement of J beam’s gives heavy-duty support. Thus, improving the lifespan of the dock.

StrongArm SVR303 Hydraulic Trailer Restraint

The StrongArm SVR303 Hydraulic Trailer Restraint is built to last with its powder coat finish. The powerful restraint has a submersion feature with the NEMA 6 IPX7 sensor. As a result, the vehicle restraint can still operate during wet or flooded conditions to keep the area safe. Likewise, with its double-acting hydraulic cylinders, the area can operate during harsh conditions.

Also, the SVR303 trailer restraint has a restraining force of 35,000 lbs. This is the highest in the industry giving them more safety for their loading dock.

All in all, our customer needed a heavy-duty long-term solution and that is what they got. By installing the hydraulic dock leveler and SVR303 trailer restraint, Moore Packaging upgraded to better safety and security.



Barrie, ON

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