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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Three loading docks receiving shipping doors positionsGardner Denver new dock seal trailer vehicle restraints hydraulic dock levelers

Project Overview

The existing loading docks at Gardner Denver Inc in Barrie were old and starting to break down. Additionally, the existing vehicle restraints were old and were manual mechanical operation. Therefore they were physically taxing on their workers since they had to bend over to operate them. Finally, the existing dock seals at this warehouse were old and torn. As a result, they were unable to make a good seal around trailers anymore.

So this Barrie warehouse reached out to us to remove and replace this equipment at three of their dock positions. We added new hydraulic dock levelers and vehicle restraints. With the new hydraulic dock levelers, workers can easily operate it with a push of a button rather than having to bend down to release the dock. Furthermore, these docks and restraints are both controlled and interlocked with each other through the Blue Genius Gold Series III control panel for improved safety.

In addition to the docks and restraints, we replaced the old seals with new Adjustable Dock Seals (201). These new dock seals were properly designed with an incline taper to create the best seal on the trailers. Moreover, the 4” wear pleats provide three layers of protection from wear and tear. At the same time, the yellow guide strip makes it easier for drivers to back into the position.


Blue Giant Heavy Hydraulic Docks Inside


Blue Giant Heavy Hydraulic Docks Inside Blue Genius Control Panels

University of Toronto - Rolling Steel Fire Shutters
Toronto Alleyway - Dock Lift Table