Order Replacement Filters and Lamps for JADE2.0 UV Air Purifier

In order to keep your work environment safe and everyone healthy, the filters and UV-C+ lamps on your JADE2.0 need to be regularly replaced to clean the air you breathe.

If any of the rings are blinking on the top of your JADE2.0, it is time replace your filters.

Activated Carbon Filter

Replace every 6 months
Absorbs odours and gases.

JADE Original Carbon Filter air purifier

Ultrafine HEPA-Rx Particulate Filter

Replace every 12 months 
Removes particles down to the 0.0003 microns.

JADE2.0 air purifier HEPA-Rx filter

Germicidal UV-C+ Lamp

Replace every 12 months
Kills viruses and bacteria.

Germicidal UV Light

Ordering Your Replacements in Three Easy Steps


Determine which model of the JADE you have. Then fill out the form below.


Next, we will send you a formal quote, including shipping fees, by email.


Finally, you can pay either by purchase order or credit card.

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