A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems


Dock and building damaged from collision


Repaired and replaced the loading dock

Project Overview

Damage from Incorrect Dock Bumpers

At a warehouse in Calgary, a trailer collided with a dock due to the incline approach and poor weather conditions. The original dock bumpers were incorrectly positioned above the dock height, leaving the dock unprotected. As a result, the collision caused severe damage to both the dock and the building’s wall. 


Incorrectly positioned dock bumpers

Protective Hoarding

We worked with Truline Contracting, who was hired by the insurance company to repair and resolve the issues at this Calgary warehouse. Truline Contracting provided a protective hoarding around the position to create a safe and secure environment for the repairs to be completed.


Protective hoarding

Repair Concrete and Replace the Dock Leveler

Once the area was tarped off, our team could cut and remove the damaged mechanical dock leveler, and repair the damaged concrete by pouring a new dock pit. We replaced the old mechanical dock leveler with a new Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Leveler and installed Steel Face Dock Bumpers at the appropriate height.


Steel face dock bumpers

Steel Face Dock Bumpers

The steel face dock bumpers were 48” and aligned with the dock leveler to protect both the dock and building from any damage. Steel face dock bumpers have a longer life expectancy than laminate dock bumpers and their floating face plate can handle some of the heaviest impacts.

Tapered Dock Seals for Incline Approach

Finally, we installed new Blue Giant Adjustable Head Curtain Dock Seals that were reverse-tapered to match the incline approach. This helped create a tight seal around the trailers and protect the building.


Reverse-tapered dock seals for incline

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