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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems


Waterlogged sectional overhead doors


Wash down rated polycarbonate doors

Lactalis calgary alberta after Aluminum Doors with Polycarbonate Panels (A175) Heated Threshold Kits washbay washdown wash down outside see inside

Project Overview

Sectional Doors Absorb

Lactalis Canada in Calgary had problems with their existing doors in their wash down area. The bottom three sections of the old sectional overhead door had slowly absorbed water from the multiple wash downs. As a result of the absorbed moisture, these panels were twice their normal weight. The extra weight was causing premature wear and tear of the electric door operators. Furthermore, because of the moisture and lack of drainage, ice would build up and the doors would occasionally freeze to the ground in the winter.


Panels that had absorbed water and weighed twice as much

Lactalis calgary alberta before waterlogged overhead sectional door panels removed

Wash Down Rated Aluminum Polycarbonate Doors

Lactalis Canada contacted Northern Dock Systems for an overhead door solution for their wash-down area. Our technicians replaced the waterlogged and heavy existing doors with lightweight Aluminum Overhead Doors with Polycarbonate Panels. These polycarbonate doors will not absorb water like insulated steel sectional doors do. Making it a great solution for wash down areas.

Polycarbonate Overhead Doors Let in Natural Light

Moreover, polycarbonate doors allow natural light into the receiving bay to increase visibility for more thorough wash downs. In addition, the doors allow drivers to see into the bays to know whether or not they are currently occupied.


Dark, low visibility and no natural light



Bright, increased visibility for easier wash downs

Lactalis calgary alberta after Aluminum Doors with Polycarbonate Panels (A175) Heated Threshold Kits washbay washdown wash down inside

Heated Threshold to Stop Door Freezing to Floor

Finally, to stop the risk of the doors freezing to the floor, we added heated threshold kits to the concrete floor directly under the door. It used heat to prevent water from freezing to the overhead door, while the rubber seal has gaps in it to allow water to flow outside.

Polycarbonate Doors for Wash Down Areas

Lactalis Canada is happy with their new wash down polycarbonate doors and is looking forward to a trouble-free operation during the upcoming winter months.



Calgary, Alberta

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