A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems


Project Overview

This manufacturing plant in Cobourg, has two old rolling steel fire doors that needed repairs and replacement parts. However, parts were no longer made for these old fire doors.

As a result, they reached out to Northern Dock Systems to replace these fire doors with new ones that could offer years of support and access to parts if they needed it. We installed two new SDI Rolling Steel Fire Doors.

These fire doors offer years of trouble-free operation with their high-quality steel components. Such as its 2” 22 gauge curved slats, G90 galvanized curtain and hood which don’t require further painting.

Furthermore, Northern Dock Systems has been working with SDI for years so we know that their doors are reliable. However, should the door be accidentally hit or require new parts, we know we can easily and speedily get replacement parts from SDI.

Additionally, these fire doors are rated for 3 hours and their fluid governor provides a smooth and quiet operation. Moreover, the 1/4″ thick steel plate brackets are more durable than stamped steel bracket plates to prevent the need for future repairs.

As a result, this manufacturing plant in Cobourg can rest easy knowing that they have fire doors they can depend on along with the support to maintenance and repair if needed.


An old fire door in need of repair but no replacement parts are available.


New SDI rolling steel fire door with years of dependability and easily accessible parts.



Cobourg, Ontario

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