A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

before sectional overhead door inside calgary alberta warehouseafter bug screen door for overhead sectional door open inside calgary alberta

Project Overview

Ryder Systems Inc. in Calgary was looking to get fresh air into their facility as part of their food safety compliance. They contacted Northern Dock Systems for a solution.

There was an overhead door that was not used, so we determined that putting a Bug Screen Door on it would be the most effective way to get in fresh air. The bug screen door would open the facility for fresh air and work with the existing HVLS fan to improve air circulation.

In addition, the industrial mesh screen would stop contaminants such as bugs, birds and pests from entering. The customer opted for a black-on-black mesh and barriers for a clean and sleek appearance.

Finally, as a last layer of protection, the roll-up bug screen door was sealed with mesh all around the gap between the door track and the wall.

The customer is happy with their new bug barrier door and the fresh air that it brings into their facility while keeping out bugs to keep them compliant with food safety standards.



Calgary, Alberta

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