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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Project Overview

Mullen Group, a division of the company West Direct Express, is a courier service and they were moving to a new location. At this new location, they needed a solution to fill their space with 12 vehicles at a time in multiple groups each morning.

One issue was that they only had only one drive-in door. So they contacted Northern Dock Systems to add a new bay door along with updating the existing door.

The old existing door was slow and would let in freezing cold air into the space when the door was frequently opened in the morning. As a result, we made sure to install springless high-speed SafeDrive door operators on each of the doors. This would minimize the time the door was left open to minimize the air exchange and improve security. In addition, the springless design means that it is highly reliable and requires less maintenance.

Additionally, we switched the doors to high lifts so we could easily add air curtains to the doors. Air curtains create a 90% on open doorways to prevent cold air from getting in and to seal in energy savings.

Furthermore, we add LZR Widescan motion and presence to the exterior to detect when trucks are approaching and automatically open the door during business hours to improve operational efficiency. Also, these doors are set on a timer to automatically close if there isn’t a truck in the doorway.

Finally, to create a warmer feeling space, we added polycarbonate sections to the sectional to allow natural light in.



Sprung door with no polycarbonate section or air curtain

before inside view no door windows dark dim space


Springless high-speed door with polycarbonate section and air curtain

after inside view single polycarbonate section windows for overhead door and berner industrial air curtain
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