Equalize the interior temperatures to reduce the strain on your HVAC equipment and lower natural gas usage.

Company: Magna Closures
Province: Newmarket, Ontario


Magna was looking for a solution that would help reduce energy usage in their building and improve employee comfort levels throughout the day. In this high paced facility – the warehouse dock doors are constantly opening allowing for some outside temperatures to enter the facility causing sudden temperature changes.


Northern Dock Systems strategically placed four 24 Foot and four 20 foot Whalenado fans throughout the facility. This allowed proper air movement to occur that equalized facility  temperatures. With a steady air movement created, any temperature change could be quickly corrected from the high turnover of air.

Now with a consistent interior temperature, this facility will now see over $7,500 in natural gas savings as a result of lowering the demand on natural gas. With the building maintaining a steady temperature, the HVAC equipment no longer is required to spike and use more gas in an effort to compensate for any sudden temperature changes.

The air movement will also improve the working conditions by preventing hot and cold zones throughout the facility. With a constant airflow, the fans will provide an evaporative cooling effect in the summer making employees feel 5°-9° cooler.

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