Preventive maintenance program with technician doing maintenance on a dock leveler and multipoint inspection sheets for dock leveler, air barriers, freezer doors, overhead doors, barrier gates
Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

Preventive Maintenance Program to Minimize Inefficiencies in Industrial Equipment

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Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Inspection

Dock Leveler Preventive Maintenance Inspection

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Preventive Maintenance Matters

Keep Your Facility Running at Peak Performance

Any equipment with moving parts needs to be properly maintained and serviced to ensure peak performance and adhere to workplace safety regulations. Prevent downtime with your equipment and lessen the chances for emergency repairs with regular preventive maintenance from Northern Dock Systems.

  • Increase operational efficiency: Enhance the reliability of the equipment to prevent emergency service repairs or costly downtime expenses from broken equipment.
  • Prolong the lifespan: Extend the life of your equipment by letting professionals perform regular maintenance and upkeep the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Proper first-time fixes: Minimize repair costs for your equipment with knowledgeable technicians that have digital product manuals and specialize in first-time fixes.
  • Ensure peace of mind: Stay prepared for any safety inspections or food audits by staying in compliance with strict government, Ministry of Labour, food agencies and fire code regulations.
  • Keep workers safe: Prevent workplace injuries by preventing malfunctioning equipment and minimizing workers their exposure to moisture, cold drafts and extreme temperatures by preventing contaminants, such as white light, vehicle exhaust and pests, from entering your facility.
  • Stay informed: Receive detailed digital deficiency and inspection reports and retain them for your records.

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Fix Avoidable Damage to Your Equipment with Regular Maintenance

dock leveler PMP before dirty pitdock leveler PMP after clean pit

Never Fear a Broken Dock Leveler Again

Performing preventive maintenance on a loading dock leveler is one of our most requested services. Our multi-point inspection of the dock leveler includes:

  • Cleaning out all debris build-up in the dock pit and inspecting all structural components.
  • Cycling the dock leveler to ensure proper operation while listening for abnormal noises to identify any potential issues.
  • Checking and topping up hydraulic fluids
  • Lubricating hinges and other moving parts.
  • Checking and repairing broken welds on hinges.

Prevent Equipment Failure with Preventive Maintenance on:

Dock leveler

Dock Levelers



Door operator

Door Operators

Trailer restraint

Trailer Restraints

Small HVLS fan


Automatic Doors

Our multi-point inspection for preventive maintenance includes:

  • Testing for equipment failures.
  • Lubricating and adjusting springs to prevent rust, friction and warping.
  • Tightening hardware.
  • Identifying and replacing frayed cables.
  • Repairing and replacing any damaged hinges, arms and door panels.
  • Checking for white light infiltration and replacing the weather seal.
NDS service Technician
NDS service Technician
NDS service Technician

Pass Inspections with Flying Colours

Regular preventive maintenance ensures you will be prepared for inspections from the Ministry of Labour and/or food agencies. Providing them with a copy of your Northern Dock Systems report is proof that you have done your due diligence to prevent health and safety concerns.

Safety organizations across Canada outline that all equipment should be inspected at least once a year to comply with government safety standards. Our comprehensive, multi-inspection report covers all types of equipment. Following the inspection, you will be provided with a digital copy of our report which highlights any areas of concern and recommends solutions before serious health, safety or operational issues occur.

Download a Sample Multi-Point Inspection Report

The PMP Process

Step 1 – Examine and Evaluate with Multi-Point Inspections

Every piece of docking equipment has a unique checklist of requirements of what needs to be inspected and/or adjusted. This checklist has been developed by our team of experts based on individual manufacturer’s product manuals to ensure peak performance, minimize potential risks and maintain warranty eligibility.

Technicians use over a dozen product-specific preventive maintenance templates to closely monitor equipment conditions and their associated costs. Following the inspection, you will be provided with a digital copy of our report which highlights any areas of concern and recommends solutions before serious health, safety or operational issues occur. All costs are broken down based on the type of problem, piece of equipment, material and labour to help you prioritize any necessary repairs based on your budgetary requirements.

Step 2 – Leave a PMP Report to Pass Inspections

Northern Dock Systems will provide a complete preventive maintenance report so you can retain it for your records. This report has a full breakdown for each piece of equipment to ensure you will be prepared for inspections from the Ministry of Labour and/or food agencies. You can provide them with a copy of your Northern Dock Systems report as proof that you have done your due diligence to prevent health and safety concerns.

Step 3 – Prioritize Repairs Based on Priority and Budget

Every field technician is equipped with a tablet that contains part breakdowns for every manufacturer’s make and model. Once on-site, our technicians will ensure your priority repairs are properly cleaned, adjusted and lubricated for optimum performance.

All PMP Inspections Contain:

Detailed report
Quotes for major and minor repairs
Master list of major and minor repairs
Download a Sample of PMP Report

Annual Fire Door Inspections

Fire door inspections are a safety standard in Canada and according to NFPA 80, a fire door needs to be inspected and tested annually.

Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test

Stay Compliant with Provincal Health and Safety Act

The OHSA mandates that every lifting device in a facility be inspected and provided with a written record of inspection as recommended by the manufacturer, and in any case at least once a year. This inspection includes loading docks which are often overlooked.

They also mandate wheel chocks as “A vehicle left unattended shall be immobilized and secured against accidental movement.” Ensure that you have suitable wheel chocks for all your loading docks, to prevent trucks from accidentally rolling away.

For more information, refer to Regulation 851, Section 51-1b and Regulation 851, Section 57 on the OHSA website.

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Trusted and Accredited

The certificates, accreditations and memberships verify Northern Dock Systems as a trusted source for providing exceptional service and industry-leading products. We have been working with various companies across Canada since 2002 for installations, construction, retrofitting, and conducting on-site audits and consultations. Our certifications, accreditations and memberships include:

Celebrating 20 years strong built on honesty and integrity est. 2002

In addition, we train our licensed technicians to conduct thorough preventive maintenance checks through quizzes and exclusive training videos on an ongoing basis. This ensures that all of our technicians can spot all the necessary fixes needed to keep your facility running as efficiently and safely as possible.


The Northern Dock Systems Difference

  • Multiple Technicians on-site
  • Fast response times
  • Root cause discovery
  • First-time fix
  • KPI tracking – what gets measured gets done
  • Asset management
  • Full, online reference library that includes product part numbers, service manuals and troubleshooting guides
  • Online chat support
  • Email support
  • Manufacturer support
  • Internet access
  • Comprehensive reports for your records for your audits
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“Our experience with the Northern Dock Systems’ Sales and Service teams has been stellar. The Service Technicians were extremely professional—they arrived on time, adhered to our stringent safety procedures and performed preventive maintenance measures on our high-speed door. Our Project Manager followed up with us after the service as well to make sure all tasks were completed properly. We’re incredibly happy with the entire service experience with Northern Dock Systems and are actively working to put NDS on our preferred vendors list for future service work.”

Youssef Abs-Eskharon, Project Leader, Apotex