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Old and worn trailer restraint

bent damage vehicle restraint


New Blue Giant StrongArm hydraulic barrier style trailer restraint

Blue Giant SVR303 hydraulic trailer restraint

Project Overview

Old and Worn Trailer Restraint

The existing trailer restraints had reached the end of their lifespan and were old and worn out at Kirchhoff Automotive in Aurora. Additionally, these restraints had been pulled away from the wall and bent from wear and tear over the years. Furthermore, the existing control panel only controlled the restraint and they had a separate controller for their dock levelers.

bent damage vehicle restraint

New Blue Giant Hydraulic Barrier Trailer Restraints

Northern Dock Systems installed two new Blue Giant StrongArm SVR303 Hydraulic Trailer Restraints to replace these old restraints. The new vehicle restraint is mounted lower to the wall so it’s no longer obstructing the dock.

The SVR303 trailer restraint has one of the strongest holds with 35,000 lbs of restraining force to secure vehicles. Furthermore, this restraint can handle tough weather with its submersible NEMA6 IPS sensor and double-acting hydraulic cylinders to keep it operating during flooded conditions. Also, it can handle cold Canadian winters with its icebreaker function to dislodge and break apart obstructions.

Furthermore, the restraint non-impact barrier arm can be left engaged overnight to deter trailer theft.

Blue Giant SVR303 hydraulic trailer restraint

New Combined Control Panel and Communication Lights

In addition to new restraints, we installed new LED lights, both inside and out, along with new Blue Genius Gold control panels. This control panel combines the controls for both the dock leveler and restraint into one for easier operation.

Blue genius control panel trailer vehicle restraint

Rust-Resistant Powder Coat

PowderCoat finish steel housing is designed for long-term performance and protects internal components from collision damage, corrosion, rusting and abrasions.

Rust Proof Powder Coat



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