A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

Project Overview


Too high and low capacity dock leveler with worn dock shelter



Truck Leveler with built-in trailer restraint, high capacity hydraulic dock leveler and stationary inflatable dock shelter

This customer has taken on a new business at a manufacturing plant in Vaughan. They would be receiving low-boy trailers at their new business. The existing 48” dock setup would not work for the much lower low-boy trailers.

In addition, the existing dock only had a 30K capacity and needed to be updated to a 50K to keep up their new business. Furthermore, the existing dock shelter was unable to create a good seal and they needed a better solution.

To bring up the low boy trailers to dock height, we installed a Dockzilla Z-Deck truck leveler. This truck leveler has a built-in trailer restraint, so they can now restrain the low boy trailers and level trailer bed with the floor of the building with a push of a button.

Additionally, our technicians installed a new Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Leveler which had a 50K capacity which would be able to handle the heavier loads. Along with the rust-resistant black powder coat means that the dock will last for years to come.

Finally, our technicians upgraded this position to a Blue Giant Stationary Inflatable Dock Shelter (450V) to create a tight seal around these low-boy trailers. The inflatable header and two inflatable side units will create a tight seal every time.



Vaughan, Ontario

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