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A customer success story from Northern Dock Systems

Project overview

Tumblers and Trays provides high quality, safe and reusable plastic drinkware and tableware. One of their busiest areas inside their facility is the shipping and receiving area, where they often left their doors open in order to improve their operational efficiency. Heated air inside the facility would often escape in winter during the loading and unloading process while their doors remained open.
“Northern Dock Systems did an extraordinary job in helping us decide on the sizing of the units, electrical and mechanical setup. Their customer service and their follow through of the project was top-notch.

[The Northern Dock Systems team] did a site visit to introduce the Air Barrier Program [and the air curtains]. Customer Service followed up with us thereafter to ensure that all parts were on-site and the installation crew would be ready to begin the project on time.

The Electricians and Installers were very helpful and did an excellent job in the install and repositioning and articulating the air nozzles in the units for [maximum] air movement.

There has been a noticeable comfort level in our plant during the cold winter months. The units have been keeping the warm air in our plant [while the] bay doors are open. […] We are very happy with the Air Barrier Program.”

Klaus Tautrims, CEO, Tumblers and Trays
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