20 years dock and door service

20 Years Growing Our Business, by Helping Customers Improve Theirs

Feb. 14, 2022 – Today marks 20 years since Northern Dock Systems was first incorporated by our founder and President, Kirby Moore, in 2002. From the first official office space located in a Mississauga Ontario plaza, Northern Dock Systems has grown into a national provider in service and new equipment for some of Canada’s largest companies.

Firstly, he identified a need in the industry for reliable service and dependable products. These products had to be designed to match the needs of customer operations rather than entry-level equipment. NDS has spent the last 20 years recommending solutions designed for all industries from food and pharmaceutical to warehouse and retail.

Using the principle that customers deserve better options, NDS first acquired the rights to distribute Nordock in 2002. Nordock is a Canadian-based company that builds superior products with longer warranties. Over the years we have recommended dozens of manufacturers including DL Manufacturing, ASI Doors, Macro Air Fans, Berner Air Curtains and many more.


NDS Continues to Grow and Achieve

In 2021, Northern Dock Systems celebrated the opening of our fourth location in Canada. As a result, we are able to self-serve more customers with over 90 full-time employees, 50 fully stocked trucks, 30 partnering companies and offer over 200 product offerings.

Years of Dock & Door Services
Warehouse Dispatch Centres Across Canada
Full-Time Employees, Electricians and Technicians
Fully Stocked Trucks
Partnering Companies
Dependable Products

An additional benefit for our customers started in 2012 by NDS placing a strong focus on energy reduction.  For instance by installing HVLS fans, high-speed doors, air curtains and dock seals; we were able to save energy for our customers.

Shortly after starting our new energy savings division, NDS gain energy-saving recognition from Enbridge Gas Inc in 2015 (formally Enbridge Gas Distribution) for being in the top five Ontario companies that reduced commercial energy use.

Our four Canadian locations have been strategically opened to strengthen the supply and fulfilment for our local and national customers. Combined with our internal systems and KPIs to measure and monitor faster response times and fix rates. Furthermore, our locations make sure that our trucks are fully stocked or have immediate access to order products and supplies.


Our Employees are Our Strength

Northern Dock Systems has been privileged to see so many employees grow their personal development while contributing to NDS and helping our customers. Our success is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of every team member.

Today, many managers and senior employees have been with Northern Dock Systems for over 5, 10 and 20 years. Furthermore, employees have been promoted based on the hard work and solutions they bring forward. In addition to seeing these promotions, we have created positions to leverage the talent of our employees.

Northern Dock Systems employees have been able to develop friendships internally and with customers alike. Over the years, some of our best memories have occurred outside of work with company outings, team-building events, customer demos and appreciation days.

employee events golf fishing retreat bbq bowling

Where We Are Heading

Building a company on honesty and integrity, Northern Dock Systems is optimistic about the next 20 years. This is due to our ability to continue to grow, which is thanks to the efforts of all our employees. As a result, we are proud to be able to open up new locations and expand our service capabilities with new products and certified technicians.

Emergency service
Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)
Equipment installation
National service
Equipment construction and design
Electrical services
automatic door service repair
Energy-saving solutions

We will continue to devote ourselves to our customers and provide long-term solutions to help their core business while working side by side on projects.

We want to share a special thanks to both current and past employees who have contributed to our success, growth and positive culture.

20 years dock and door service

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