February 6, 2024

Big Ass Fans Authorized Distributor in Canada

Northern Dock Systems is proud to announce our partnership with Big Ass Fans as an authorized distributor across Canada. This partnership is a significant milestone for both organizations as they combine their expertise and ability to reach more Canadian companies and help them improve their facilities.

This partnership will leverage the strengths and capabilities of both Northern Dock Systems and Big Ass Fans, to propel them to new heights in industrial and commercial industries. By combining their resources, knowledge, and market insights, both companies aim to accelerate growth, drive operational excellence and create cutting-edge solutions for their customers.

Big Ass Fans BAF Authorized Distributor

Big Ass Fans Advantages


Big Ass Fans is a leader in industrial and commercial fans, with over 1 million Big Ass Fans being installed across the world. In addition, Northern Dock Systems is excited to be partnered with Big Ass Fans since they are the world’s largest manufacturer of HVLS fans. Their high quality and tough fans are all tested in the world’s only LEED Gold R&D Facility dedicated to testing large air movement. As a result, they are confident that their fans can out perform the competition. Northern Dock Systems is excited to bring extensive product line up of high quality fans to their customers as a Big Ass Fans Authorized Distributor.

Northern Dock Systems Advantages


Northern Dock Systems has installed HVLS fans across Canada for over 12 years. Additionally, they are a leader in coordinating energy-saving rebates for their customers for these HVLS fans. As a result of these energy rebates, they have gotten their customers faster ROI (return on investments) for the HVLS fans they have installed for increased energy savings. Finally, their technicians are available 24/7 for emergency repairs and preventive maintenance service on HVLS fans, directional fans, doors and dock equipment. Big Ass Fans is proud to partner with a company with years of industry experience in the Canadian market installing and servicing industrial and commercial fans.

In-Person Training at
Big Ass Fans Canada

As part of the Big Ass Fans partnership, Northern Dock Systems took their sales team from our Mississauga, Cambridge, Calgary and BC branches to Big Ass Fans Canada in Oakville for in-person training on their products. The Northern Dock Systems sales team had a chance to check out their showroom and warehouse to see live demos of all of Big Ass Fans’ HVLS fans, directional fans and evaporative coolers in person.

Northern Dock Systems Sales Conference Big Ass Fans BAF hands-on training live product demo

Expanded Product Lineup from Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans has an expanded product lineup which is suited for any business type. Whether you have an industrial, commercial or public space; we have an air movement solution that will suit your will suit your needs.

Powerfoil X4
Industrial HVLS Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans Powerfoil X4 industrial HVLS fan

Powerfoil D
Industrial HVLS Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans Powerfoil D industrial HVLS fan

Basic 6
Industrial HVLS Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans Basic 6 industrial HVLS fan

Commerical HVLS Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans Essence commercial HVLS fan

Multi-Fan Controller

BAFCon Big Ass Fans multi fan controller

Aisle Destratification Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans Hornet Destratification Fan aisles racking cranes

Large Mounted Directional Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans directional fan Pivot column mount

Yellow Jacket
Industrial Mounted Directional Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans directional fan Yellow Jacket wall mount

Small Mounted Directional Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans directional fan AirEye column bar joists mount

8 ft Barrel Fan

BAF Big Ass Fan AirGo barrel directional fan

6.5 ft Barrel Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans directional barrel fan Black Jack man pushing moving

4 ft Barrel Fan

BAF Big Ass Fans directional barrel fan Sidekick

Evaporative Coolers

BAF Big Ass Fans Cool Space 400 evaporative cooler

Infrared and Unit

Big Ass Fans infrared heater U shaped
Big Ass Fans BAF Authorized Distributor
Northern Dock Systems

About Northern Dock Systems

For over 20 years, Northern Dock Systems has been an industry leader in the sales, installation plus service of energy-saving equipment including HVLS fans, directional fans, high-speed doors and dock equipment. With a focus on honesty, experience and communication; they can complete a project from concept to completion to their customers’ satisfaction across Canada.

In addition, they offer 24/7 repair services, preventive maintenance, new equipment installation, equipment construction and design for fans, loading dock equipment and doors. For more information visit northerndocksystems.com or call 1 (866) 601-1758.

Big Ass Fans BAF logo

About Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans delivers comfort to spaces where comfort seems impossible. Doing it undeniably better than any other company in the world. They serve their clients with passion backed by innovation. They think smarter and go bigger. Big Ass Fans make every space better for people to work safely, perform productively, and live comfortably.

For more information visit www.bigassfans.com/ca/.

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