Blue Genius Gold Series III Control Panel dock leveler trailer vehicle restraint vertical dock

Blue Genius Control Panels for Loading Dock Equipment

Blue Genius combination control panels: Integrate your dock levelers, trailer restraints, communication lights, dock lights, doors and/or seals.

Easy operation: Control your entire loading dock with a push of a button on a single control panel.

Wash-down and corrosion resistant: NEMA4X / IP65 rated making it compatible for FDA-regulated food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and chemical operations.


Easy Operation for All Your Loading Dock Equipment

Its features include onboard diagnostics, touch-sensitive function buttons and keypad, and a STOP button that can halt the deck, lip, and restraint in mid-travel.

Blue Genius Control Panel dock leveler trailer vehicle restraint dock light inflatable seal overhead door

A. Polycarbonate Enclosure:

NEMA4X / IP65 rated (wash-down and corrosion resistant).

B. Printed Circuit Board

Eliminate performance problems associated with loose wiring.

C. Touch Controls

Flat surface buttons will not wear down, break, or collect dirt.

D. LCD Menu Screen

Displays equipment status as well as detailed operating and troubleshooting instructions.

E. Numerical Touch Keypad

Vehicle restraint bypass and security options are supported via code.

F. Rotary Disconnect

Cuts power to the control panel in preparation for servicing and maintenance.

G. STOP Button

Halts or limits the motion of all interlocked equipment and door.

H. Interior LED Communication Lights

LED lights to indicate when it safe and not safe for forklifts to proceed.

Advanced Light Communication Package

LED interior and exterior lights signal safety conditions to dock personnel and truck drivers. With an optional audible alarm to bring safety issues to the dock attendant’s attention.

Interior LED Communications Lights

Blue Genius Gold III Control Panel

Exterior LED Communications Lights

dock communication lights red green

Integration for Safety

For added safety, the dock leveler will not operate unless the vehicle restraint is secured or under supervisory override.

Add your overhead doors controls to this control panel with an audible alarm to prevent your doors from being hit and accidents from happening.

Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Levelers heavy electric hook trailer restraint HVR303

Easy to Understand Screen

An LCD menu screen displays equipment status as well as instructions for operating and troubleshooting. The interior and exterior LED lights communication system sends safety signals to dock staff and truck drivers.

Wash-Down Food and Pharma Safe

Because its NEMA4X-rated polycarbonate enclosure is wet and corrosion-resistant, the panel can be installed in the wash-down zone and outdoor locations. It is also compatible with FDA-regulated operations, such as pharmaceutical and chemical handling.

Blue Genius Gold Series III Control Panel dock leveler trailer vehicle restraint

Easily Upgradable

With most dock control panels, the box must be replaced to add equipment or change functions, resulting in expensive downtime. The Blue Genius is microprocessor-based, making the process as simple as a software upgrade. The new equipment configuration is ready for use within minutes.

Variety of Configurations

The Blue Genius control panel has a variety of configurations to suit your facility’s safety and operation needs:

  • Standalone for dock levelers or trailer restraints.
  • Loading dock and vehicle restraint combinations.
  • Overhead door, loading door and/or trailer restraint combinations.

Blue Genius Gold Series I

Standalone dock leveler controls.

Blue Genius Gold Series I Control Panel dock leveler
Dock leveler

Blue Genius Gold Series II

Standalone trailer restraint controls.

Blue Genius Gold Series II Control Panel trailer vehicle restraint
Blue Giant StrongArm Powder-Coat Trailer Restraint

Blue Genius Gold Series III

Combination dock leveler and trailer restraint.

Blue Genius Gold Series III Control Panel dock leveler trailer vehicle restraint

Blue Genius Platinum Series

Combination dock leveler and trailer restraint.

Blue Genius Platinum Series Control Panel dock leveler trailer vehicle restraint

Most models come with options to integrate overhead door, inflatable dock seal and/or dock light operations. Go to Model Comparison »


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• 3 year limited parts only.