Telescoping-Lip dock leveler

Dock Levelers for Cold Storage Facilities

Telescoping-Lip Dock Levelers Solve End Load Issues

Nordock’s revolutionary Telescoping-Lip design is incorporated in both vertical and horizontal-storing dock levelers, providing the perfect solution to easily end load a trailer without compromising on safety or security.

Nordock guarantees these products will outperform all others on the market.

Built for strength: Hydraulic dock levelers are manufactured in Canada and tested to withstand impact and handle the heaviest loads, with a 33% deck-to-beam weld ratio and up to 15-20% heavier than traditional dock levelers.

Center deck support that lasts: High-quality, consistent placement of welds and proper center deck support allows for even weight distribution throughout the hydraulic dock leveler.

Significant energy savings: The Telescoping-Lip allows dock doors to fully close till the dock pit and provide significant energy savings especially in cold storage applications.

Premium safety: Open and close the hydraulic dock leveler with a push of a button, unlike mechanical dock levelers which require workers to manually open and close the dock lip, causing workplace injuries to the neck, shoulders and back.


Significant Energy Savings for the Cold Storage Industry

Installing the right dock leveler is imperative for the cold storage industry. Nordock’s cold storage dock levelers effectively seal the fourth side of the pit during loading operations to maximize energy efficiency while preventing insects, pests, dust and white light infiltration—key food and personnel safety hazards auditors check most. Telescoping-Lip dock leveler models also allow dock doors to fully close till the dock pit. Click on the image to view the average energy savings calculation (in USD) for the cold storage dock levelers.

Air gaps present with pit style levelers contribute to the high cost of energy loss. Energy efficiency is greatly improved by sealing these gaps with a significant increase in energy savings. All prices shown are in USD.

Exclusive Telescoping-Lip Technology

Telescoping-Lip dock levelers are imperative for climate-controlled facilities where safety and high operational efficiency is essential. Telescoping-Lip dock levelers are controlled with the push of a button for automatic storage and accurate positioning of the lip to accommodate for easy end loading.

Constructed to Support the Heaviest Loads in Demanding Applications

The majority of dock levelers that are available on the market use inconsistent spot welds on one side of the hinge that provides significantly insufficient support to the center deck. Nordock’s hydraulic dock leveler lips use consistent 4″ welds that encompass both sides of every hinge, delivering superior center deck support that is able to handle the heaviest loads.

Comparing a traditional dock lip with the Nordock dock lip that is guaranteed to outperform

Key Features of Each Cold Storage Dock Leveler

Vertical Storing Dock Leveler (NV)

Dock leveler
  • No mechanical switches.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • The vertical storing position creates a visual barrier preventing falls.
  • Heavy-duty regenerative cylinders with non-adjustable velocity fuses.

Vertical Telescoping-Lip Dock Leveler (NVTL)

Dock leveler
  • No end load issues, interference with wall-mounted vehicle restraints and no mechanical switches.
  • Exceptional climate and security control.
  • The only dock leveler with a complete four-sided seal.
  • Constant power-up and power-down deck functions.
  • Includes 20″ laminated dock bumpers.

Horizontal Telescoping-Lip Dock Leveler (TLH)

Dock leveler
  • No end load issues with improved driver sightline.
  • Four-sided seal for superior energy savings.
  • Flush storing increases floor space for cross-traffic operation.
  • Inside storage allows dock doors to close to the pit floor.
  • Eliminates damage to forklift tires improving maneuvering and eliminates installation costs of bollards, stanchions and guardrails.



Vertical Storing Ramp Demo

The NV model ramp is easy to use and increases safety by storing over-centre in its vertical position.

Vertical Telescoping-Lip Demo

Watch the Nordock exclusive Telescoping-Lip dock leveler in action as it quickly operates with push-button activation.

Key Features of NVTL

Get an overview of the key features of the Vertical Telescoping-Lip dock leveler.

The World's Only Horizontal Telescoping-Lip

TLH stores horizontally, extending its lip straight into the trailer with only a slight raise of the deck, for quick loading cycles and improved climate and environmental control.

Customers That Love These Products


Vertical Storing Dock Leveler (NV)

The Vertical Storing cold storage dock leveler is capable of handling between 30,000-60,000 lbs in weight and stores in a vertical position.

Vertical Telescoping-Lip Dock Leveler (NVTL)

This Vertical Telescoping-Lip cold storage dock leveler is available with load capacities ranging from 30,000-60,000 lbs and stores in a vertical position.

Horizontal Telescoping-Lip Dock Leveler (TLH)

The Horizontal Telescoping-Lip cold storage dock leveler has an extensive load capacity range between 30,000-100,000 lbs.

Model Comparison Chart

Vertical Storing (NV) Vertical
Telescoping-Lip (NVTL)
Telescoping-Lip (TLH)
Standard size 6'x6' to 7'x8' 7'x6' to 7'x8' 6'x7' to 10'x12'
Load capacity 25,000-60,000 lbs 30,000-50,000 lbs 30,000-100,000 lbs
Standard lip 16" 15" projection beyond standard 4" dock bumper 15" projection beyond standard 4" dock bumper


  • Truck-Lock vehicle restraint systems.
  • Fall-Stop safety barrier gates.
  • Emergency stop and lip extend control.
  • Foam-filled pit seal and Spray zinc or hot dip finish available for the Vertical Storing model.
  • Brush weather seals.
  • Steel spring and steel face dock bumpers.
  • Dock lights.


Lip lug
Front hinge:
20 years*
Full-width rear hinge
rear hinge:

20 years*
10 years*
Lifting mechanism
Lifting mechanism:
5 years*

*Warranty applicable for Vertical Storing model only.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Telescoping-Lip: 20 years (full-width rear hinge) and 10 years (structural).