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Nordock Hydraulic Dock Leveler – Unmatched Performance and Warranty

Each Canadian-made Nordock hydraulic dock leveler features a tapered lip for a smooth transition from truck to dock floor, simple push-button operation and a full-width, continuous rear hinge for ultimate strength and reliability in demanding applications.

Nordock guarantees these products will outperform all others on the market.

Built for strength: Hydraulic dock levelers are manufactured in Canada and tested to withstand impact and handle the heaviest loads, with a 33% deck-to-beam weld ratio and up to 15-20% heavier than traditional dock levelers.

Center deck support that lasts: High-quality, consistent placement of welds and proper center deck support allows for even weight distribution throughout the hydraulic dock leveler for both 3 or 4 wheel forklifts.

No pinch points: The self-cleaning open lug design on the front hinge allows debris to pass straight through the dock, eliminating pinch points that cause serious structural damage to other dock levelers.

Premium safety: Open and close the hydraulic dock leveler with a push of a button, unlike mechanical dock levelers which require workers to manually open and close the dock lip, causing workplace injuries to the neck, shoulders and back.


Unique open lug design by Nordock eliminates pinch points

Unique Open Lug Design Eliminates Pinch Points

Nordock products are guaranteed to outperform all others on the market, and these dock levelers are no exception. Their unique self-cleaning open lug design on the front lip eliminates pinch points by allowing debris to pass straight through the dock leveler. Pinch points are often the cause of serious structural damage to traditional dock levelers, often leading to frequent maintenance and high repair costs. The open lug design is standard on all models except the Constructor and Sliding Barrier-Lip series.

Full Center Deck Support

The majority of dock levelers that are available on the market use inconsistent spot welds on one side of the hinge that provides significantly insufficient support to the center deck. Nordock’s hydraulic dock leveler lips use consistent 4″ welds that encompass both sides of every hinge, delivering superior center deck support that is able to handle the heaviest loads.

Comparing a traditional dock lip with the Nordock dock lip that is guaranteed to outperform
Rear hinge assembly for dock leveler

A Rear Hinge That Withstands All Demanding Applications

The rear of the dock has a smooth full piano rear hinge. Its design eliminates pinch, trip and impact points to create a smooth transition for forklifts and prevents wear or damage on the forklift’s wheels. In addition, the continuous hinge design reduces gaps that pests can come through.

Furthermore, the 6 solid steel rear frame supports this dock leveler can withstand any heavy load. This is important as the rear hinge is the main point of contact when in use and it takes the most abuse. Consequently, the back hinge is usually the first part to fail on lesser quality levelers. Therefore, make sure that you getting 6 supports instead of the standard 2 to keep your dock lasting longer. 

Constructed to Support the Heaviest Loads

This hydraulic dock leveler is constructed from high-tensile 55,000 PSI-yield structural steel with a safety tread top running surface. Many other dock levelers are made from a lesser-quality constructor grade steel.

Combined with its 6 solid steel rear frame supports, it is able to handle the heaviest loads being carried by either three or four-wheel forklifts. With is 33% deck-to-beam weld ratio and up to 15-20% more steel than traditional dock levelers, this hydraulic leveler will bounce back better from heavy loads and last longer.

Heavy-Duty hydraulic dock leveler
Lifting mechanism

Less Maintenance With an Inverted Lifting Mechanism

When dust or dirt builds up in the lifting, it can lead to the dock leveler failing. Costing valuable downtime and repairs for the facility. The cylinder on the lifting mechanism on Nordock’s dock levelers have been inverted to prevent dust and dirt from building up for a consistent and dependable performance that you can count on.

Easy Controls, Maintenance and Cleaning

Constructed from heavy-duty cylinders with a non-adjustable velocity fuse, each hydraulic dock leveler manufactured by Nordock features seven rear structural frame supports, an open frame design for easy pit cleaning and full operating range telescoping side guards—all operated with a single push-button control.


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Heavy-Duty (NH)

The Heavy-Duty hydraulic dock leveler is capable of handling between 20,000-50,000 lbs in weight.

Super-Duty (SD)

Super-Duty has an extensive load capacity of 80,000-160,000 lbs.

Barrier (NB)

Barrier hydraulic dock levelers are constructed to handle 30,000-120,000 lbs with an extended 18" long lip to prevent accidental falls off the loading dock area.

Sliding Barrier-Lip (SBL)

The SBL hydraulic dock leveler handles 30,000-80,000 lbs with ease and features an extended 18" long lip that acts as a barrier against accidental fall-off.

Constructor (CH)

The Constructor series of dock levelers are capable of handling 20,000-50,000 lbs.

Model Comparison Chart

Heavy-Duty (NH) Super-Duty (SD) Barrier (NB) Sliding Barrier-Lip (SBL) Constructor (CH)
Standard size 6'x6' to 7'x10' 6'x6' to 7'x10' 6'x6' to 7'x10' 6'x6' to 7'x10' 6'x6' to 7'x8'
Load capacity 20,000-50,000 lbs 80,000-160,000 lbs 30,000-120,000 lbs 30,000-80,000 lbs 20,000-50,000 lbs
Standard lip 16" 18" 18" 20" 16"



Lip lug
Front hinge:
20 years*
Full-width rear hinge
rear hinge:

20 years*
10 years*
Lifting mechanism
Lifting mechanism:
5 years*

*Warranty applicable to all models except Constructor and Sliding Barrier-Lip.

  • Constructor: 1 year limited.
  • Sliding Barrier-Lip: 20 years (full-width rear hinge), 10 years (structural) and 5 years (lifting mechanism).


Heavy-Duty Dock Leveler

The Heavy-Duty hydraulic dock leveler is a unitized welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lugs for maximum strength.

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