Head Curtain and Fixed Head Dock Seals

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Increase safety for workers: Maintain operational efficiency and enhance worker productivity by keeping workers safe—prevent moisture, dust, insects and other contaminants from entering the facility.

Ensure product safety: Prevent contamination with food, pharmaceutical and other products by creating a tight seal around the dock to inhibit contamination while saving energy at the same time.


Maximum Weather Protection

The FC series Curtain Style dock seal improves productivity and provides protection from inclement weather, dirt and insect infiltration. The adjustable head curtain provides protection for a wide range of truck heights. The memory foam core side pads with high wear-resistant fabric provide durability and improved product performance and are suitable for door openings up to 9’x10′.

The FP series Fixed Head dock seal provides similar benefits and effectively protects personnel and cargo during loading and unloading processes. The Fixed Head dock seal is available for door sizes up to 9’x9′.

Head Curtain dock seal (FC) and Fixed Head dock seal (FP)

Dramatically Enhance Indoor Safety with a Head Curtain or Fixed Head Dock Seal

Head Curtain and Fixed Head dock seals dramatically enhance indoor safety by creating the tightest seal around trailers to:

Prevent insects: Including flies, mosquitoes, spiders and other creepy crawlies.
Inhibit pests: Including mice, birds and other living creatures from entering indoors.
Keep harsh weather outside: Limit extreme heat or cold drafts and maintain comfortable indoor temperature.
Eliminate white light: Completely eradicate white light infiltration with a proper dock seal to ensure safety compliance.
Block moisture: Create a strong environmental separation between outdoor and indoor temperatures to prevent moisture build-up.

The Benefits of a Proper Dock Seal

A proper dock seal and its compression has numerous benefits, including:

  • Energy loss prevention/increased energy savings.
  • Security and protection against stolen goods or unauthorized entry.
  • Quick return on investment.
  • Creating a safer working environment for workers in the loading dock area.
  • Maintaining or increasing operational efficiency through indoor comfort.
Standard full-height guide stripes
Full-height guide stripes
Optional wear pleats
Wear pleats
Incline and decline approach
Tapered units

Optional Wear Pleats and Tapered Units

Customize your dock seal with wear pleats and tapered units to best seal loading docks with incline or decline approaches.

Check for Air or Light Leaks in Four Key Areas

An inefficient dock seal/shelter might not be the only cause of issues you are possibly facing—the performance of a dock seal/shelter directly relates to other products as well.

Check your loading dock in four key areas to determine if your dock seal or dock shelter needs to be replaced.

Inspect your dock for air or light leaks in key areas
  1. Top of the trailer: Are your floors forming puddles or ice when it rains/snows? Seal the gap between the trailer top and your dock door to prevent slip and fall hazards.
  2. Side of the trailer: Are you noticing white light infiltration? If so, you need to modify or replace your dock seal or dock shelter.
  3. Dock leveler and trailer gap: Damaged goods or injuries to personnel are the biggest indicators of an uneven level between the trailer and the dock floor. Prevent injuries and damaged goods with a proper dock leveler.
  4. Corners of the door: Don’t forget to seal the corners of your doors, which are common areas where insects, dust and other contaminants enter the facility.

Note: Remember that performance dock bumpers and bumper projection also affect the efficiency and longevity of any dock seal or dock shelter.


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Curtain Style dock seal (FC)

The FC Curtain Style dock seal's adjustable head curtain provides protection for a wide range of truck heights and is suitable for door openings of up to 9'x10'.

Fixed Head dock seal (FP)

The Fixed Head dock seal provides similar benefits as the FC model, effectively protecting personnel and cargo during the loading and unloading processes. Fixed Head dock seals are great solution for door openings of up to 9'x9'.

Model Comparison Chart

Head Curtain (FC) Fixed Head (FP)
Door size Up to 9'x10' Up to 9'x9'
Side pads
Memory foam
Safety guide stripes
Mounting hardware
Galvanized steel


  • Adjustable head.
  • Wear pleats available in 4", 6" and 8" overlap exposure.
  • Material weight options: 22 oz., 40 oz. or 50 oz. vinyl.
  • Fire retardant foam and fabric.
  • Half or full foam filled curtain.
  • Wide range of shape projections, bevels and tapers.
  • Double layer wear face.
  • Galvanized steel canopies.
  • Longer curtains.
  • Tapered side for incline/decline approach.

For optimum performance, pair these products with:


• 1 year limited.

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