SuperSeal 8000 and 8000XXL bug screen door and bug door

8000 & 8000XXL Bug Screen Doors

Bug Screen Door – The Complete Contaminant Restriction Solution

Birds, pests and insects are no longer able to enter through the oversized opening at a local food manufacturing facility in Ontario after installing a bug screen door, along with an air curtain and heavy industry rubber door.

Great for food facilities that need to adhere to strict government safety regulations.

Contamination prevention: Deter birds, pests and all sorts of bugs from entering the facility for increased personnel and product safety.

Durability: Constructed using 14-gauge steel framing with weatherproof, durable netting material that is abrasion and rot-resistant.


Prevent Birds, Insects and Rodents with a Bug Screen Door

These bug prevention doors use a weatherproof screened barrier to stop contaminants such as birds, bugs and rodents from entering a facility. Also a bug screen door is an easy way to let in fresh air during summer for ventilation and comfort.

Model: 8000 bug screen door
Model: 8000XXL bug screen door

Durable and Weatherproof Bug Prevention Screens

The high-quality vinyl-coated polyester screening of these bug screen doors allows for unrestricted airflow and natural light. Additionally, their high tear and tensile strength screens are weatherproof, abrasion and rot-resistant, as well as a flame retardant. Furthermore, the screen on the 8000XXL bug prevention door is UV-resistant.

Dependable Frames and Operators

Door frames are constructed from 14-gauge steel with a chain-weighted bottom bar, with steel frame nylon brush gaskets providing an additional optimal seal. These counterweight-balanced doors are operated manually by means of a handle and pull chain. Wind load stabilizers and safeguard rollers prevent blowout, and custom fabric options are available upon request.


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8000 Bug Screen Door

The 8000 bug screen door utilizes a 14-gauge steel guide and side frame and incorporates a bottom latching mechanism. Internal wind stabilizer bars and canopy are also standard on this model that fits door sizes up to 12'x12'.

8000XXL Bug Screen Door

This bug prevention door consists of 14-gauge steel uprights, counterweights/a counterbalance system and includes a canopy for the fabric roll, fitting on larger door sizes of up to 16'x18'.

Model Comparison Chart

  8000 8000XXL
Size range Up to 12'x12' Up to 16'x18'
Construction 14-gauge steel guide/side frame 14-guage steel uprights, counterweights/a counterbalance system
Fabric roll canopy
Screen material
Flame retardant, high quality vinyl-coated polyester screening with optimal mesh size
Screen protection Weatherproof, abrasion-resistant and rot-resistant Weatherproof, abrasion-resistant, rot-resistant and UV-resistant
Reinforced belting strip placement Horizontal Vertical



• Projection frame.
• Between jambs mounting.
• Galvanized steel frame.
• 1" keyed shaft.
• Custom fabric.


• Projection frame.
• Solid fabric (with window).
• Galvanized plated steel frame.
• Custom fabric.


• 1 year limited.

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