MxV knock-out door
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MxV knock-out door

MxV knock-out door flexes and releases during accidental impact

See the MxV knock-out door in action as it flexes and releases its lightweight, insulated panels during accidental impact from a forklift. MxV can be knocked out in either direction and reset by simply opening and closing the door.

Polyurethane R-22-rated insulation panels create a strong environmental separation and are easy to clean for food and cold storage facilities.
Energy rebates available
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Exclusive self-correcting design: After accidental impact, simply open and close to reset.

Impact resistance: Rugged design resists damage from impact better than other knock-out dock doors.

Reduce maintenance costs: MxV uses a polypropylene brush seal instead of rollers, allowing for a long-lasting design that has the ability to knockout without costly door damage.

Insulated panels: All panels are insulated and suitable for refrigerated loading docks.


MxV knock-out doors use a brush design

Reduce maintenance costs and keep your operations running at optimum speed

MxV’s innovative knock-out design flexes and releases during accidental impact without damaging the door or the track. This knock-out door uses a polypropylene brush (rather than rollers or pins which often need to be replaced) that do not wear or fray. Incorporating a brush design allows the MxV to be knocked out in both directions and reset with ease. MxV is also washable, proving to be the best long-term solution to efficiently seal loading dock areas.

Save energy

MxV’s polypropylene brush seal helps to provide a better U-factor and eliminates costly side gaps that result from door damage, rubber seals that wear, improper installation or door size. In addition, MxV also helps reduce heating and cooling costs, lowering the load required to successfully heat or cool a facility during peak hours.

MxV knock-out door
MxV withstands inward and outward impact forces

Save time and money

MxV maintains workplace efficiency and productivity by minimizing downtime and maintenance costs using its roller-free and pin-free design that withstands both inward and outward impact forces.

Increase safety

MxV’s ease of operation reduces worker fatigue that can be associated with other damaged sectional door panels, rollers or tracks.

To further enhance safety around the loading dock area, add on MxV knock-out door’s optional safety features including an insulated vision panel for verification of truck activity, and a track guard to protect the base of the track which is prone to collision damage.

Optional insulated vision panels and track guards

Insulated panels ideal for food and cold storage facilities

The 3″ thick, UV-inhibited and weather resistant PVC panels of the MxV knock-out door are flexible and insulated. Closed cell polyurethane R-22-rated insulation provides superior environmental separation between outdoor and indoor environments, making MxV the preferred door for food and cold storage facilities.


Customers that love this product


• Door lock to protect and secure facility against intruders.
• Insulated vision panel.
• Track guard to protect the base of the track.


• 1 year limited.


Door size Up to 10'x12'
Insulation Closed cell polyurethane R-22
Door reset Self-correcting by opening and closing
Knock-out capability Full (top to bottom, pushed inward or outward)
Brush seals Header: Nylon
Side: Polypropylene
End cap Injection-molded plastic
Guide tracks PVC
Torsion springs Spring cycle: 25 K
Door cables: 5/32" - 7x19 galvanized steel
Shaft: 1" keyed hollow shaft
Bearings: 1" UCF precision flange bearing
Counterweight Counterweights: Round bar stock
Counterweight cables: 3/16" - 7x19 galvanized steel
Door cables: 5/32" - 7x19 galvanized steel
Shaft: 1" keyed hollow shaft
Bearings: 1" UCF precision flange bearing
Pulley: 6" Delrin with needle roller bearings
Pulley brackets: 12-gauge steel box construction with guides